Bar Keepers Friend Cleaner & Polish – Item of the Day — 8 Comments

  1. We have hard water as well, but I use about 1/3 cup of vinegar in the dishwasher at the start of the cycle and it cured it. My water is not as hard as yours tough, so ymmv.

  2. What is the wall behind your sink finished with ?

    It looks like it’s made from loads of small wooley bricks  !

    (as in  compressed sheep’s wool) (:-)

  3. I use Bar Keepers Friend for many things. Best toilet cleaner, especially one stained, iron, other minerals. Best oil stain cleaner, sinks, have not tried on clothes. Unclogs bathroom sink. Dog Door was black and tried many cleaners. Bar Keeper worked great. Better than bleach. I know I will come up with more. I always have on hand.

  4. It also works great on copper pots! Do like barkeeps do…sprinkle some in sink, fill with hot water and put the dishes in the water…way less scrubbing and glassware is sparkling. Love this stuff!

  5. The inventor noticed that his cooking pans were left shiny after cooking rhubarb in them. He found the active ingredient in rhubarb that made the pot shine was oxalic acid which is the main ingredient in this product. Neat story from their website.

  6. Also, probably not a great idea for the life of your dishwater but maybe you can add a small amount and try washing all the stained glassware through the dishwasher? The JetDry stuff also really helps dry the dishes. Just a thought.

  7. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t see an “item of the day” tag. Great item suggestions, by the way. It’s almost silly to give people props are suggesting items they’ve actually used, but so many people make empty suggestions without actual experience with the products. Weird world we live in.

    Also, the added video is a nice touch. The added content lends itself well to the item of the day. Thanks for all that you do. Take care!