Masontops Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit – Item of the Day — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Jack,

    Once the ferment is finished can you replace the vented tops with regular lids?

    • Yep and put right in the fridge, that is what makes this so convenient.

  2. I am very interested in making my own fermented foods. How long is the process from start to finish with something like cabbage?

    • There are a lot of variables. However, good kraut will generally take 5-14 days tops. Most ferments will finish in 3-18 days as long as temps are about room temperature and you did it right. At the time you like the result, you should move it into the fridge and cap it for long term storage. This will slow down the ferment to a very very slow crawl. But it never stops and of course it doesn’t store indefinitely.

      This is why I like doing jar sized ferments, no secondary repacking, fish, remove fermentation lid, cap and put in fridge and eat as you see fit.

      I highly and I mean HIGHLY recommend this book for those getting started in fermenting.

    • It is actually really easy, understand you ONLY use them for the fermentation. Once that is done they come out, so the jar is full at that point. You just push one side down a bit the other pops up and you take it out. One time I had to slide a butter knife under one but even that was easy peasy. Once fermentation is done you put them away, screw on a lid and put the jar in the fridge. But if you only want weights and want easier ones to take you you might prefer these