Marine Metal Aeratr Bubble Box – Item of the Day — 4 Comments

  1. When I saw this, my first thought was mobile compost tea production. An organic landscaper pulls up to your property and he has a bucket bubbling away to keep the microbe population at the maximum right up until the time of use. Then pour in your fish emulsion, AC vinegar, molasses, and liquid seaweed to make fresh Garrett Juice Plus on site. Not that the Garrett Juice isn’t effective without this, but as soon as the aeration is stopped the microbe population starts to die off.

    • Great point and for the typical small gardener it would be fine for their day to day use.

    • Yes! Great idea, Tim. I want to make compost tea in a 5 gal bucket, and really would prefer to brew it in the garden where I would use it instead of close to where I have power. I’m wimpy and transporting it to the main crop garden is a pain in the neck, so I have avoided making it thus far… but not for this coming season!