Promar Minnow, Crawfish & Bait Trap — 4 Comments

  1. Looks like a cool device, first time I have ever heard about it. Just wondering though, if s fish swims in and has time on his side, like several hours, then surely he will figure out where the exit door is, or he may even find his way out by random persistence ?

    • I have one similar to this and don’t thing I ever lost a fish that went in. Also, I have used mine to keep minnows alive while fishing. So, I’m not going to say that you’ll never lose a minnow that has gotten trapped, but don’t let that possibility stop you from getting one of these. They’re a “must have” in my opinion. for anyone that wants to keep minnow expense to a minimum.

  2. Would really love to have one of these but the rabbit sheriff in Tennessee (good one Jack) says the opening has to be 1.5″ or less.