Dr Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment – Item of the Day — 28 Comments

  1. I have some shoulder, elbow, and knee issues from living fast, and after the gym, especially on chest and shoulder days, my left should is killing me. I actually got this a week ago and have been using it as needed and it works. I like it.

    Little strange you have to refrigerate it, but it works.

  2. I have tried both the liquid oil and pill version of this. The pills work well for deep injuries like muscle and ligament strains and whatnot. I have repeatedly used the oil on cuts, even fairly severe ones. They both work great.

  3. Strensk, if it is your rotator cuff, you might be right around the corner from some serious pain that took me about six months to get over. you might want to do some band work.

  4. This stuff works great! I bought some after hearing about it on the podcast and started using it on a inflamed bicep tendon that had been bothering me for about a year. Within a couple weeks I was getting back to normal and feeling good. Unfortunately I got back to heavy weights too soon and injured my shoulder even worse and had to seek further treatment.
    That treatment ended up being an amnio/placenta material injection that so far seems to be working quite well at healing up a messed up labrum and rotator cuff.

  5. This stuff has worked great for me on various bites and plant (nettles and other spiny stuff) rashes. The bite and sting ointment cleared up a wasp sting with no lingering pain. Trying an experiment with a recent surgery scar; one half gets treated, the other halve will be allowed to heal normally.

  6. Jack,
    I cannot thank you enough for introducing us to Comfrey, especially in the form of this product. My spouse has been suffering with Shingles since end of April when we planted some Bob Wells bare root fruit trees (which are doing great by the way). The stress of the s**t going on in the world got to her I guess and her immunity must have been down despite the fact that we take very good care of ourselves. When the Shingles emerged in full about a week later (33% of her body covered) we were totally freaked out. We turned to our homeopathy doctor who eventually prescribed Apis 30c, then Apis 200C. All but 3 spots disappeared within another week which brings us to mid-May. Since then the 3 spots remained, preventing her from enjoying showers or the pool in 95 degree weather. When I heard you speak of comfrey in general, I was interested and ordered that non-alkaloid stuff your listener recommended. We couldn’t use it since it had PEG-30 in it which is bad stuff. Then I heard this podcast, mentioned it to Pat but she still wasn’t convinced. About a week ago – end of July – with no change for over 2 months on the 3 spots, she finally said, let’s get it. I’m thrilled to report that Dr. Christopher’s (which contains Apis by the way) has reduced the 3 spots to 33% of their size after using it for 4 full days. We expect them to be all gone and she can use the pool, enjoy showers again, and in general live life. We will never forget this — I will leave a similar review on Amazon. I use the TspAz link all the time and carry my Gerber $7.00 box opener with me everywhere and have tried many of your recommendations. They never disappoint. Thank you for everything that you do.

  7. Long time listener and heard this on one of your podcasts…. as they say up here in NE… “it’s wicked awesome.” I works great on sore joints and muscles. I’ve had a knee and hip replacement and when it’s acting up, rub this on and it lasts all day. Can’t thank you enough for introducing this. Keep the material coming!

  8. Hey Jack, I’ve got a trick to share when using DrChristopher’s B&T. The label says to store in the fridge, but as anyone who’s used it knows it becomes rock solid when cold which makes it difficult to scoop out and apply. I decided to make a dispenser. I took an empty Chapstick tube, cleaned it out really well, then using a Popsicle stick, I scooped the B&T into the tube and filled it. Then I put the tube on a plate and into the microwave for 30 seconds at a time to melt the B&T into a liquid. I always have to add a bit more because as it melts it condenses leaving more room at the top. I repeat it couple of times until the tube is full, then I allow it to cool and harden. Now I can’t easily apply the ointment, it’s as easy as applying Chapstick plus my hands don’t get greasy anymore. If you have a large area that you’re trying to cover, you could probably use the same technique with an empty tube from deodorant.
    I that hope you and everyone else will find my method useful for this great product!

    • Great idea Linda – I was kinda bummed to see on the label that since it’s all fats and such that it needs to be refrigerated, but that’s what you get with natural products. I like the ointment but have probably not used it as much as I could have given the application method – using an old stick deodorant tube is a great idea.

  9. My son has psoriasis and on a chance I bought a tub to see if it might help. totally worked. clears it up better than anything we have tried prior.

  10. I cant believe how well this product works! I’ve just started applying this to my rotator cuff after sharp pains became a constant in my life. I had injured my rotator cuff about 2 years ago and it has gradually become worse (because ignoring things always make them better, right?). Since my first application, I’ve regained full mobility and am no longer worried about needing surgery for it. I truly can’t believe how well this has worked for me. Jack, thank you so much for recognizing this product multiple times on your podcast. I hope anyone experiencing pain like I was will use this before going under the knife.

  11. Jack,

    Thanks for turning me on to this amazing product. It has helped me with several aches and pains. However, the best use has been on the kiddos when they wake up with growing pains. Rub a little on the sore spot and sleeping within seconds. Thanks again!

  12. I got two silver dollar sized deep scrapes on my knee. After cleaning both, I treated one with Dr. Christopher’s tissue and bone ointment, and one with generic triple anti biotic/pain/itch scar. The one with Dr. Chris’ is healed, the other one looks like it still has a week to go to be healed. I wish I had taken daily photos, the time lapse would have been cool to watch.

  13. Four weeks ago I suffered a compound fracture of my distal tibia, requiring 3 plates to be installed. My Dr Christopher Complete Tissue and Bone has just arrived.

    I think this might be one of the more extreme tests of the effectiveness of the product. I’m hoping for the best.

  14. As good a time as any for a follow up on my compound fracture. While I had no delusions about the product hastening the bone healing time of my fracture, I was more hopeful about the three surgical incisions made to install my plates.

    After the sutures were removed and the holes healed over, I began daily applications of the ointment. A neat trick I learned was to push against the wax with my fingernail, rather than scrape. This way a nice wad of wax ended up on the top of my fingernail, ready to be rubbed in.

    Long story short, I don’t think this product hastened the healing of my incisions at all. I had to cease use on two occasions because of infection to a suture scab requiring a course of antibiotics. The cause of the infection could have been anything.

    In summary, this product is probably great for cuts and abrasions, but surgical wounds are most likely outside its pay grade.

    • Comfrey should never be used on deep wounds, a surgical incision is a deep wound.

  15. I had to leave a comment here because I was happy until today, now I am impressed with Dr. C’s Tissue & Bone… I have accelerated healing of various issues with joints (knee, hands mostly), but 4 days ago I got a paper cut on my right thumb right from the fingerprint ares up the side where your index finger would meet the thumb – ouch and sensitive to any type of rubbing against anything.

    So, I washed my hands and I put a small dab of this product on it and put a bandaid over it to keep the cut from opening up all the time… about 12 hours later the bandaid came off in the shower, I put a fresh one on without anything because I was late going to work, came home, helped with chores, and didn’t pay attention –  so today, on day 4 and another bandaid later (this morning after my shower), I look, and it’s gone, it’s healed up, no gap, not cut, nothing but a faint white line where the cut was!

    I am 50 years old and don’t heal as fast as I used to. This is amazing!

    I also put some of this on a scrape I got 5 days ago, and I looked, and it’s only slightly pink in that area, no scab, just nice, fresh skin. This stuff is amazing!!!

  16. I had a painful shoulder injury and it was looking like rotator cuff surgery was in my future.  Used this daily and after about 3 weeks I noticed that my mobility was coming back. I continued to use it daily for another month. Thanks for telling us about it, I recommend it to everyone!

  17. Jack I’ve been using this ever since you first recommended it. I love it. It has been used on sore necks and backs with great relief. It has been used on both of my tennis elbows with great relief. I love this stuff and always have it on hand.

    • I had suffered with bone on bone situation for some years. Often a life of acid residue foods cause weakened bone(bones give up calcium to buffer acid) add chronic dehydration (destroys discs) and you have a train wreck! So was it the BF&C ointment or adding watercure c o m info but together they worked a miracle. This was Doc Christopher’s story that first sold me…

      • Get to the bottom of that page for the spinal stories! Also I take the very firm salve and scrape/ stir it until soft and easily spreadable. Sometimes it doubles in size so you might use a second jar for the overflow! This allows putting a jar in two places you frequent during the day so you can be reminded to use it enough to do good.