Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day – Item of the Day — 7 Comments

  1. Great recommendation and a great book! Bought this book (1st edition) back in 2008, and made many loaves of bread as a result of reading it. So simple and kids love it! Also, there is a strong aesthetic effect seeing and smelling bread baking in your oven. One of life’s simple pleasures!

  2. I don’t dare eat gluten. And I miss carbs!
    But this will be a good addition to my current library for those who can indulge.

  3. Like Adam, I’ve been using this technique since the first edition in 2008.  Love it.  I’m not sure if this updated version mentions using a cast iron Dutch oven to cook the bread in in the oven or not, but this “hack” is awesome.  Basically, instead of putting a bowl of water in the oven with the bread, you preheat the oven to 500 F with a lidded cast iron Dutch oven.  You carefully remove the lid, put the bread boule in the hot Dutch oven carefully by lowering it on parchment paper, replace the lid and cook for 30 minutes – at which time you remove the lid and lower the temperature to 450 and cook another 15-20 minutes (this is for a 1.5 pound loaf). I’m keto now, but I still bake the bread for my wife and friends.

  4. My wife has been looking for an easy way to bake bread so I was thinking this could be a good gift.  Can anybody comment on what type of “gear” would be required to follow the techniques in the book.  Don’t want to buy a book that might be signing us up for a bunch of extra stuff for the kitchen.  Thanks for any insights.

  5. Aaron you really can use this concept with just a sheet pan to get started, I cooked many decent loaves that way. Bread geeks like to control the crust further, so a dutch oven helps regulate temps and control air flow. A ceramic pizza plate works good too. The basic recipe and understanding the core of bread is all that is needed to get started, use fresh ingredients and do one a day for fun. Contact and I can help with the basic recipe without buying the book