Maxboost International Travel Adapter Kit – Item of the Day — 3 Comments

  1. REMEMBER…when you travel internationally like to the EU, that those ‘adapters’ for the different sockets send 240 volts (NOT 120 volts AC) to the outlets of this power strip. ANYTHING you PLUG INTO THIS (other than the USB Ports) MUST be a ‘World Voltage Device” and accept EITHER 120 volts AC or 240 volts AC. If your laptop power supply is 120 ONLY and you plug it into 240 volts AC you are going to have one smoking power supply. You need a CONVERTER to convert 240 volts AC to 120 volts AC for a 120 volt ONLY device. I have all of this listed on along with a free 20 minute video on some very unique ways of keeping your cell phone charged in foreign countries WHEN THERE IS NO OUTLET !! 🙂 Steve