Endo Mycorrhizae Fungal Inoculation – Item of the day — 12 Comments

  1. How long does this store for?
    Any particluar storage requirements?
    Wish I had this a few weeks ago. Just translplated 30 fruit tress.
    Still have 50 to go..
    Keep the good info coming.

    • First you can sprinkle a few tablespoons around your new trees and water in, it is fungus it knows what to do, but it would be better right on the roots.

      Storage life, personally I would contact the company and ask them. I may do so later cause it is a good question. I would think life should be pretty long but I buy it and use it every spring. I always run out.

  2. Thanks Jack!! I bought some! Hope I did it right and you get credit for it

    Looks like this year for my birthday I ended up with a chainsaw and fungi!
    The world just gets weirder ….

    • As long as you clicked the link you did it just fine. Remember you can always support us with anything you buy, it is real easy, just to to and click the link that says click here to shop for any and all items or click any link in any of our write ups. It is pretty bullet proof if you do that.

  3. How would you use this with established trees? Just spread a pinch on the soil surface near the crown and water it?

  4. This may be a newbie question, but I was curious if it is advisable to use the Endo Mycorrhizae Fungi on root crops like potatoes, carrots, or Jerusalem Artichoke. I’m going to be establishing new raised beds this year and just curious if I should omit the fungi from certain portions of the beds. Thanks for all you do Jack!

  5. I have haved of people puting this stuff in their boots and jocks, not sure of the reason, maybe it competes with athletes food fungus or maybe makes feet and other attamony grow longer.

  6. I am always hesitant when being sold a magic elixir or the secret powder.

    BUT this works just like the pictures below the header above.  My potted bare root trees have thrived, with masses of hair roots.  My control batch of untreated apple scions on Antonovka rootstock ( rookie grafting season) has not yet equaled the growth on those which were grafted. dusted and potted two weeks later.