GS Plant Foods Liquid Kelp Fertilizer – Item of the Day — 10 Comments

  1. Great product. It’s nice if you need it now and “ready-made”.
    An alternative is I soak 1/2 cup kelp meal in 1 cup water (to rehydrate), let sit for a few hours, pour off the excess water, and blend.
    Then I put the hydrated meal in a mason jar, put a lid on it, and store in the fridge. I use a TBSP per gallon of water once a week. Works great.
    By doing this, I avoid paying for another bottled nutrient, and use a dry product instead, therefore not paying for the water in the bottle 🙂

  2. This stuff does work well. I use fish emulsion as my “go to” fertilizer. I was having issues with veggie rot, and I found this advertised as more of a foliar spray. I used it the first evening I received it and I was impressed the next day. I’m not a believer in miracle products, but my plants were visibly greener, and the fruit on my squash had almost doubled in size. I also had more blooms on my eggplants. Coincidence or not, I will continue to use this as a foliar spray.

  3. Aaron – soaking kelp meal is a good idea, but I have found that the best is buying Seaweed Extract Powder, as it is water soluable and a bag of it lasts forever (it’s very concentrated and only use 1/2 teaspoon of the dry powder at a time). I buy it from KIS Organics, who are near to me, but they will ship too.
    Jack – this is the same stuff you are recommending here, but in a dry form that you add water too – saving lots of money.

  4. What are some good alternatives to this product? I live in Canada and this isn’t available here (unless you want to pay 3-5 time the price because of shipping)

  5. What about in a kratky system? Any one ever using it for that? For the micro nutrients. Would probably have to adjust down master blend?