Premium Gochujang Hot Pepper Paste – Item of the Day — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks Jack, that gochujang-mayo sounds like an awesome recipe idea!  I already use gochujang for Chuncheon dakgalbi chicken (a relatively easy and tasty spicy chicken dish; just google it if one wants to try it), but I don’t make it very frequently so having another use for the gochujang in my fridge is great. Definitely trying this for the next time I make burgers and fries…

  2. Biltong for Breakfast will be a perfect complement to the Harvest Eating blog, since Keith Snow went vegan.

    • Yes there was a great disturbance in the force, a new power had to rise to balance it.

  3. I’ve only used this paste in a few ways but have gone through 2.5 tubs shortly after being introduced to it. This was the missing flavor in my life! ha ha ha. I need to looking into more ways of using it though. I’ll have to try the mayo suggestion. Sounds legit.

  4. I tried the gochujang mayo, and while I didn’t care for it as much on fries or sweet potato fries, it was pretty decent when used for a burger. But it worked really well when used as a spread on a pork belly sandwich (pork belly marinated with brown sugar, soy sauce, & garlic) with lettuce, tomato, and sliced cucumber. Probably would be good with other pork sandwiches too. Just FYI  🙂

  5. @Jack

    Hehe admittedly no… we don’t have any purple sweet potatoes here, just the brownish/beige-skinned kind with a light orange flesh that comes from South Korea and/or China. I didn’t dislike the gochujang mayo with the fries, I just ultimately still preferred ketchup or ranch dressing for it (yeah yeah I’m a heathen, I get it  🙂

    I did like the twice-fried method for the fries themselves though, even using the different kind of sweet potato and the local potatoes I had (I also sprinkled a bit of cinnamon which adds to it nicely IMHO). The only problem is I have to cook them when the wife isn’t around, because when she is around she alternates between complaining about how she doesn’t like fried foods and, well, eating a lot of the fries…   😛