Regency Soup Sock – Item of the Day — 8 Comments

    • I use them once and toss. Seems too much trouble for too little money to reuse but it would work.

      I tie the bag in a not, and cut it open to reuse I would tie the top with say cotton twine like say a shoe string so you can pull it open at the end. How many uses would you get, I would bet 2-3, personally for a buck each they seem worth it to me for the time saved.

  1. Fryer baskets or pasta straining inserts works well, too. That’s what we use and they are totally reusable. We use the pasta inserts in a larger stock pot so they will sit down farther or on the bottom of the pan.

  2. I will give the socks a try. We have used cheesecloth in the past, but this looks a lot faster than wrapping, tying and later cutting the cheesecloth.