Utopia Kitchen Flour Sack Towels – Item of the Day — 16 Comments

  1. Another use for these is as diapers. We’ve been using flour sack towels with our daughter for almost 5 months now, you just need a diaper cover over top of them. They work great.

  2. Hey Jack, would you say there is much difference between these towels and say blue huck surgeon’s towels? I have a huge stock of those after reading the 4-hour chef…

  3. Hey Jack! I’m new to cast iron and I think I’m supposed to be cleaning them with a lint-free cloth. Would these work well for that? Thanks.

    • I have been using cast iron for many years and always just use a paper towel to wipe excess grease off. Jack also reviewed a chain cleaner that is good for the stuck-on stuff.

  4. Jack – I know you mentioned you can wash and reuse these… since they will be used with direct contact with food (eg making yogurt cheese), any ideas on the best way to clean them – I’d be a little hesitant to just throw them in the wash with other towels…

    • I wash them in the machine, alone, hot water, no detergent. I do them all whether they need it or not on the small/fast wash setting. Most of the time I just wash them in the sink, but when I build enough up in they go.

  5. I bought those towels three years ago and they are AWESOME.  I have used them to make cheese as well. But also I use them to cover my bread when it’s too warm to put in plastic and to nest my hot tortillas so the tortilla sweat doesn’t make them stick to the serving plate. The fact that they are different from my other kitchen towels keeps my family from using them to do disgusting things with them – like clean out the ferret cage. Ugh!

  6. I use them daily. Like the cheese/yogurt, they can be used to squeeze out excess liquid from grated zucchini. I drain cleaned veggies on them, especially washed salad leaves. Just spread the wet leaves out, loosely roll up and the holding the ends closed give a good shake to dry the lettuce. Thanks for the reminder that I need to replace some of mine that have gone ratty.

  7. Yep, i bought these a year or two ago when you recommended them – they are the go-to hand towels, keep bread warmers, dish towels, everything in the kitchen. Holding up great. I also did use them for flavored yogurt cheese once that first year. worked great!

  8. Love them for everything.  Covering up my mead and cider making supplies, bread proofing, yogurt cheese and damn near every other purpose you could use cheese cloth for and you can wash and reuse them.  I mean come on could you produce anything more useful?  Get’em and get’r’done.

  9. Bought these and use them regularly. Work fantastic, but each towel is much larger than I expected!

  10. (EDIT: LOL just realized I posted about these back in 2018! Still happy about them!) I bought these the first time posted, i guess that was 2017, and these are still my go-to set of hand towels for the kitchen. Highly recommend. Use them for hand towels, dish towels, grabbing microwave dishes, covering warm bread, even a few times in the process of making herb ‘cheeses’ and yogurt. So much softer than the other towels i have in the kitchen, and i like having the relatively huge stack of them, to just swap out towels quickly and easily. Maybe silly to be so passionate about a hand towel, but I use these many times daily!!