ThorFire’s Cap Light – Item of the Day — 5 Comments

    • Well I guess you can attach it to anything the key is how functional would it be, it is designed to go on a ball cap mainly so I guess it comes down to how your hard hat is shaped. I don’t think it would work well on typical style.

  1. Sounds cool.

    FYI, if your grandkids visit (and are of the age) be incredibly careful with lithium coin cells. Some kids like swallowing crap and if swallowed, coin cells will literally corrode their esophagus (voltage creates NaOH in situ). Often you don’t know the kid swallowed anything and it presents as a flu. Xray looks like a penny so doctors often “let it pass” but it causes severe damage.

    Often the culprit is remote controls or those led candles. Kids play with them and get at the batteries.

  2. Thanks Jack, I got two. They seem to work well. I had been using your typical headlamp at night to frequently carry ashes into the woods to dump, and I need to be hands free to do that and not stumble in the dark. My headlamp failed so I got these two. The light spreads wider and not as far as I’m used to (my headlamp had a narrow beam) but plenty sufficient for my needs.