Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar System – Item of the Day — 7 Comments

  1. I agree with Jack collars work well…if used properly….most people who see a “shock collar” in public react funny….and automatically think you’re into animal cruelty….however I used this with my 90 lb doberman…it really worked well and helped him understand what I did not want him to do…quickly…these can be terrific training aids….use it right or me and Jack will stuff it where the sun does not shine….CAPICE ?

  2. This is the best training aid. My wife trained her Great Dane and she is the best behaved dog. She uses a beep function with no shock just to get her attention now. She comes right away and have never had an issue.
    Jack is right. It is not a substitute for time spent training a dog. Just a good tool.

  3. My dog barks when I do not want him to and does not stop when I tell him no. Will this work to help correct that kind of behavior?

    • Yes but it will require consistent training and the bigger question do you want him to bark for some things? Key with these is they are a tool that goes with training not a gadget that replaces it.

      I have trained our dogs to stop barking when told, I have not trained them to no bark. They tell me when shit is going on outside, once I know that job is done.

      Good training includes correction and reward. Reward can be praise, affection or food. A combination is best. Correction can be an electric shock, a vibration of a collar, verbal, a tug on a leash, a hand to the neck with a mild pinch. Again all three work best. Unfortunately training dogs is way easier then explaining to others how to train them. I really do think many dogs and their owners can benefit from going to a pro to learn. It isn’t real expensive and stores like Petsmart and Petco pretty much make it something anyone can do.

  4. Our dog is an omega, and setting the collar to page is all that is needed to get her attention.   She Retreives great, and she would die to protect our family.

    e-collars are awesome for training, but anyone who mis-uses them for punishment of a dog should be ….

    • May be, I did have to do it with my husky but talk about thick.  It was also an older model the rods on these are pretty long, it should work without it on all but the absolute thickest fur.