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Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day Bio-Groom Waterless Pet Shampoo and man do I love this stuff.  I have never been big on bathing dogs very often.  The canine is a species that seldom bathes in the wild yet remains fairly clean.  I always marveled at how amazing the pelt of a healthy fox or coyote was during my trapping days, who bathes them?

Yet domestic dogs do need bathing at times, mostly though good brushing with a simple hair brush and deshedding with something like the FURminator is all you need.  Still there are those times when the dog simply stinks.

Last fall I do not know what Charlie got into but he stunk, not awful but not good either.  Specifically around his head and neck, he smelled like well, um, a combination of rotten nasty popcorn and Cheetos that sat in the garbage too long.   We know he didn’t actually get into the garbage, though it happens.  I don’t know what happened but I knew something had to be done.

There was also a cold snap coming on, now I don’t know if you have ever tried bathing a 100 pound Pit Bull Mix when the temps are sub 50 degrees with a garden hose.  Specifically one that doesn’t want to be bathed, but it isn’t fun!

Fortunately I had just started looking for a new waterless shampoo and had already ordered this, it was due in that day so Charlie and I were both spared the hose on a very cold day.  He spent a great deal of time outside until the UPS man came with his shampoo.

I started with a brief deshedding as he doesn’t need much.  I then sprayed him all over, sprayed my own hands and wiped it on around his head, ears, face and neck so I didn’t get it in his eyes.  He didn’t really like it but was agreeable with it, I then brushed him down and no more stink and a shinny happy dog.

Lucy and Max went next and both looked and smelled great after the procedure.  The great part?  Doing all three dogs took less than 15 minutes and no chasing anyone down and trying to subdue a 100 pit mix let alone a 150 pound German Shepherd under a hose spraying cold water on a cold day.

I now use Bio-Groom Waterless Pet Shampoo on our dogs about twice a month and they have grown to tolerate it.  Getting a biscuit as soon as they are done helps a lot, “I don’t like being sprayed but man I love those treats” thinking works with the canine brain.

Here is the procedure I recommend.  If your dog needs some deshedding or under coat removed do that first with something like the FURminator.  Then spray them all over, again I recommend using hands to apply near the face, neck, head etc.  Just spray on your hands and wipe it on them.  Then brush well. Done.

On brushing, while I love the FURminator for deshedding, most dog brushes are over priced junk.  I use a people brush for my dogs for general brushing and it cost a whopping $3.81.  Any brush of this style with open bristles will work just fine.

So if you want your bow wows shiny, clean and good smelling without the hassle, time and fight of a bath, give Bio-Groom Waterless Pet Shampoo a try today.  This is a product with almost 100 reviews, a 4.5 star rating and an A Grade on FakeSpot, so you know it is quality product.

Remember you can always find all of our reviews at

P.S. – You can get this stuff by the gallon as well.  Now that I am totally settled on it that is what I do it is far cheaper that way and any standard spray bottle works fine.  Just make sure to label your bottle so you don’t make a mistake.  It is blue and could be confused with certain household cleaners otherwise.  Just use a trusty sharpie marker.



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  1. I followed the rabbit trail here from a YouTube vid about your awesome duck farm. I hope you won’t be offended by my questions, but before I sign up for what I hope will be a new go-to source for sustainability info, I would like to hear your answer to 1.) how is waterless pet shampoo relevant to survival & 2.) did you write the copy for that ad yourself?

    I’m not trying to be disrespectful, I understand that your podcast, vis-a-vie- you, get support from advertising, I’d just like to know how much thought goes into the relevance of it. Because you are, in a sense, asking all of your subscribers to consider supporting these various markets and all of their practices regardless of their in-sustainability…

    thank you for sharing so much valuable info and helping people network.

    With respect


    • Okay well first “signing up” as in for the podcast is free, so with respect just effing listen and decide for yourself.

      As to how this is related to “survival”, I coined the phrase “modern survivalism” in 2008 it is a holistic approach to life built on the guiding tenet of the entire 12 part philosophy, which is,

      “Everything you do to “prepare” for emergencies, disasters or economic turmoil should be blended into your life in a way that improves your life even if nothing disastrous ever occurs.”

      Adding to that the shows tagline is….

      “Helping you live a better life if times get tough or even if they don’t”.

      We don’t just teach being prepared for the end of the world we teach resilient lifestyle design. This includes taking care of yourself and your livestock and pets and in this case our dogs are a big part of our farm, defending the animals, etc.

      Additionally I have been doing this for about 10 years, people trust me, my entire brand is TRUST, I don’t lie, I don’t mislead an I admit mistakes and I am an asshole, yea you read it right I am an asshole in a good way. I am tough on people, products and well, everything it is either good quality and I would spend my own money on it or it is garbage and I will tell you don’t buy it. My reviews of products are to help people get the best value to price ratio for things they need and want in their life.

      In both the short and long term this saves money, money is then used to build a more resilient life. For instance I do a LOT on cooking, I have a lot of reviews in that world as well, survival? How many people a year lose a job and end up dead ass broke in two weeks without a pay check? Now tell me how many of those people spent say 500 dollars or more eating out a month up until they lost that job. Say over two years my cooking stuff results in 10K not spent and saved, how much better are they able to handle the individual disaster of a job loss.

      Let me put it this way if you want a more reliant life and want to know how to prepare for disasters that actually happen or have a real probability of happening, and get a hell of an education on life, business and economics all for free tune in. If you want scary over hyped bullshit about the world ending, don’t bother you won’t find it here.

      On the copy, yes I wrote it, it is ALMOST insulting that you would ask that as it is written in first person about my dogs, but since you are new you may not know that. My listeners, many of them have been with me a decade, my life is totally transparent it is why I have so much trust. Every product I recommend is one I have personally purchased, if I won’t spend my money on it, I won’t ask you to, period.

      Lastly if by sign up you mean my paid membership, DON’T DO IT YET. Tune into a few shows, use the search box or tag cloud and find some old ones you are interested in, listen to them as they come out for a week, skip the roughly ten minutes of intro if it bores you, get to the meat, decide if what we do will help you, then and only then consider becoming a paid member.

      If you hang around you won’t agree with everything I say, you will be pissed off at me some times but you will come to trust that I am always honest and always genuine, I dare say more so than any other person in media, main stream or alternative. I can’t be everything, I can’t make everyone like me, so I don’t try, what I can be is honest and the same guy on air as off air, so that is what I deliver and have delivered for almost ten years now.

  2. Jack, I think this is just what I’ve been looking for, bathing big dogs, even a couple times a year is a huge PITA.

    A related question though…have you ever done anything with our about bad breath in your dogs? I mean seriously, horrible, gag a maggot  bad breath? My 6ish year old Rott has the most atrocious breath you can imagine….I mean it, imagine the worst smell you’ve ever smelled and take it X10 and you still aren’t close. Know what I mean vern?

    I had her to the vet and he cleared her medically, no issues he could find, and her teeth and mouth are OK….he sold me some pills to help “settle her stomach” because that “might help”….I was about to give her the first one and decided against it and threw the damn things out…Just felt wrong…I think there has to be other things tried before throwing a pill at it.

    Her diet hasn’t changed since she reached maturity, same food…same brand even…2 Y/O Shepherd eats same stuff and he has normal “doggy breath”. I can’t identify any changes in her life that coincided with the dragon breath from hell.

    Anyhow, any thoughts or suggestions?

    Thanks for all you do!


    • Believe it or not Listerine Strips like this

      They don’t like it and it only works for about half a day but man it works.  Don’t know if you ever used one on yourself but they stick to your tounge and roof of your mouth, you can’t get them out and they disolve in about 1.3 seconds there about.

      To use on a dog, I stand straddling them like I am going to ride em like a horse, open their mouth and have the strip on one finger, pop it right to the roof of their mouth, it will stick you can let them go they ain’t getting it out.  Small dogs I would use a half of one or even a quarter for like toy breeds, they are strong.

      I don’t do this with my current dogs but my husky ended up with nasty fish breath.  This made him bearable.  Note that bad breath is NOT normal for dogs, it means something is wrong, sometimes you can fix it (say diet) sometimes you can’t (terminal illness problem).

      For instance my husky Lakota was in liver and kidney shut down it was why he stunk.  Still he did pretty good for over a year with the vet giving him 2 months with it, and the strips made having him around a joy.

      Anyway they don’t like it but it doesn’t harm them and it does work.  It does take a dog that won’t bite you though.

    • We’ve had good luck with Greenies.  We’ve been using them for a few months now and have had more compliments on our dog’s teeth and breath then any other dog we’ve had.  There not that cheap, averages to about a $1 a day.

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