Oregon Self Sharpening Electric Chain Saws – Item of the Day — 9 Comments

  1. Great video on chainsaws. But maybe even more importantly shows the huge difference in work that can be done with 120V wall outlet compared to a DC 40 battery.

    BTW, I have a good friend who got into a chainsaw accident. Cut him across the chest. I have a pic of it, and it’s nasty. Dude is SO lucky to be alive. Chainsaws are no joke.

  2. The Oregon cordless tools are the best. I’ve had men chuckle when I pull out my Oregon cordless weedeater, then ask me about it after they see it in action. No, it won’t do acres of tough weeds and won’t do woody stuff, but it always starts and I don’t have to pull a cord. It works for my small homestead. I have Stihl gas chainsaws, but there’s a use for Oregon’s cordless chainsaw too. Try their pole pruner and leaf blower as well. The leaf blower is surprisingly powerful. All use the same batteries.

    • Damn it no longer listed by Oregon directly, here is one option from Northern Tool (on amazon) you can still get it but no free shipping with shipping you are looking at about 102, still a good deal, I have updated the links above to here for now I really hope Oregon is not going to stop making this saw.

  3. I’ve heard Jack talk about the self-sharpening model for a long time and decided it was finally time to go for it. Here’s the weird thing. It’s $87.78 on Amazon. But I have access to an Amazon Business account. I accidentally searched for  it with the business account and it came up with a price of $30.59! I ordered one, thinking this must be a mistake. The order went through and said it will be here in 2 days. I verified it is the same Amazon ASIN. I’ll find out soon if this is real.


      • No kidding. I can now confirm the deal is real. It was just delivered. Less than 24 hours since I ordered it. I checked and it is still listed as $30.59 for a business account so if anyone out there has a business account this is a no-brainer. They even show lower prices for quantity discounts!

  4. electric is the wave of the future. As jack says, be aware of its limitations. I only own gas powered equipment but would love to get one electric saw or weed whacker.