Virginia Boys Kitchens 8 Inch Chef’s Knife – Item of the Day — 2 Comments

  1. Great write up of this knife AND the tips.  Much like a mini-episode, of which you have covered in the past.  Thanks for the new find.

  2. My main requirements for a kitchen knife are:

    1. the length of the blade (8 inches minimum) and,

    2. how the handle fits my hand.

    My wife buys various knives and while they are of reasonable quality, they are designed for a woman’s hands. Those “Barbie” knives feel dangerous in my hands when I am chopping at high speed, so I tend to slow down a lot. So… a longer blade (8 inches, like the one above) and a substantial handle are my first requirements.

    After that… this kitchen knife is MY knife. When my wife tries to use it, I tend to hover. I’m afraid she will lose a finger and not notice. (It is really sharp.)

    I cannot use my current knife block with this knife because the block is filled with plastic “flex rods” like a stiff broom. When I stuff my knife into it, it cuts those “flex rods” into confetti. I really need a slotted knife holder. (Thanks for the links, Jack.) Until I get one, I’m tucking my knife into a special place in the silverware drawer where it doesn’t touch anything else.

    FYI, I am not mentioning a brand name because I am not entirely happy with my knife, but it meets my main requirements as mentioned above.

    Alex Shrugged