The Thermocube – Item of the Day — 7 Comments

  1. I’ve got one of these feeding an electric space heater in my well house. The well house is well-insulated, and it never gets very cold here, but this is cheap insurance against the problems that would result if the pipes in there ever froze up.

  2. Man, this thing is crazy! Who knew you could get little products like this?

    Jack, this is why we need your TSP item of the day. So much stuff on here, that I was ignorant about.

    Keep it up sir!

  3. Just wondering does this device have a ‘ Hysteresis’ characteristic to prevent it going into rapid ‘flicker mode’, if it has, then it will be a very useful device with several applications.

  4. A tool I use (in addition to the Thermalcube, which is also great to keep your birds warm) – I have a **remote wireless thermometer** that goes with an inexpensive weather station. Jack says 2 is 1… Well, a wireless thermometer in your pumphouse, allows you to see – at a glance, how your light bulbs are doing… I replace the batteries once a year (whether they need it or not) – and I haven’t had a problem even in the coldest of weather here.

  5. Have one to turn on an animal heat pad at 35deg inside a cooler that’s on my porch. I cut a small door on the side so the cat that made our porch his home can keep warm and out of the wind.

  6. This can also be used with a automotive engine block heater to keep your vehicle engine from freezing.

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