Excalibur 9-Tray Dehydrator – Item of the Day — 11 Comments

  1. I suspect the beefed up model (more fan!) might also be better for super humid environments like the deep south, the Pacific Northwest – and Southern Illinois.

    • Not really as it doesn’t blow any harder or faster. It is simply built with “better” components. Think of it like a hose, two hoses with a 5/8th inch inside diameter will move the same amount of water even if made of different materials. It is like that.

  2. Just got one. In time as the family started getting fed-up with tomatoes as I keep getting them from the garden (green) and have them ripening indoor. (Pacific NW: it’s cold and rainy already, but not freezing).
    Like Jack said, pressure canning for too small of a quantity is just too much work/efforts/energy used.

  3. Prices have gone up, but still a great deal.  After doing quite the comparison among brands and sizes, I ended up getting the 20900ECB – for $171.  Like I said, still a good deal.  I really like that the trays are not the brittle, clear plastic of the lesser brands.  I originally bought one of those round ones on sale for something like $40, and it was great to get me started (and I’m going to continue to use it); however, after making several batches of venison jerky, I know that one will not scale.  We haven’t tagged a deer yet this season; however, I gave out samples to my husband’s buddy’s last year, and I think I will be able to trade jerky making for venison this season.  … also, I am now addicted to dried tomatoes, thanks to you.  I freeze them after drying, and then eat like candy.  Even with buying roma tomatoes at the farmer’s market, I can afford to indulge.  They are ridiculously easy to make – and ridiculously expensive at the gourmet shops!  This year’s batch made on the round dehydrator.  … all your “fault” for getting me off my butt to try something new.  Thanks!

  4. Hello Jack, Thank you. Once again, by paying attention to your podcast I have saved more than the annual cost of the MSB. When you say that the discounts will probably save more than the cost of membership, you are 100% correct. In this case, I was looking for a valuable addition to one of my friends homesteading practice. With 1/4 an acre in annual crops and another 1/4 acre in perennials, this will be a much appreciated gift. I’m already getting salsa, summer and winter squash, peppers, tomatoes, etc. This will probably result in my getting even more from them. If not, it will save them money. Always a good thing. Thanks again!

  5. Got it! By Saturday I’ll have one of my Amazon wish list’s high end products with over $100 savings. Jack, you jerk. I’m glad I’m an MSB member and force myself to listen to your free podcast, read your free email list and now the Telegram list. You’re ruining almost everyone else’s podcast out there for me because they just don’t stack up. Thanks, Brian

  6. And ordered! I usually make deer jerky with the oven door cracked open, but now I’ll give this a shot. A friend from South Africa introduced to me the glory that is biltong, so I was also wondering how that would come out in one. Then I found this method of removing the trays and hanging the strips inside the Excalibur instead.

    (My mouth is watering looking at the pics of his slices…)