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  1. Wondering can Bantams cross breed with chickens?
    When I was a child we had a mix of bantams & hens, all laying females.

    I seem to remember that the bantams were hardier than the hens, the bantams often stayed out at night and rousted in trees, yet they escaped the fox.
    We often lost hens to the fox, even during day time.

    • Bantam is a function of size not a breed. For instance my girls are cochins and cochins are a specific breed. And most cochins are full sized. The bantams are just bred to be about half sized. This was done with simple selective breeding, breed your smallest hens and roosters, repeat for a few generations and wala bantam. Since this is so easy to do there are now bantams for almost all chicken breeds. Bantams tend to end up being very gentle birds though I did have a bantam cochin rooster one time that was a asshole that bit people.

      Think of it like a poodle, a standard poodle, a miniature poodle and a toy poodle are all the same dog in reality, just selectively bred to a size. So your observations are likely more about the breed of those banty birds than their size.