TP-Link AC750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender — 3 Comments

  1. lol, I just bought one of these so I could relocate some servers into my garage without having to pull cable through the whole house 😛
    (It has a Gigabit ethernet port on the bottom as well)

  2. I would be very interested to hear how this performs as you add users. I know you have a background in networking, Jack, but many folks don’t, so for everyone else…

    The way wireless range extenders work is that they use the same channel/frequency as your base station and repeat that signal out on the same channel. This means that your radio channel gets saturated at twice its normal rate. This isn’t noticeable with a handful of users, but with a class or party you might grind to a halt real quick.

    There’s a new breed of “range extender” that usually is labelled as a mesh network wireless access point. It has an extra radio that talks to the base wireless unit on the base’s channel. The mesh extender then handles its wireless clients on a different channel with the other radio which avoids the saturation issue.

    So again, really curious as to how this performs under load.

    I used Ubiquity’s Unify line of hardware to redo my home network and blogged about it here:

    My current AP has mesh capability and I’ll be adding some external mesh APs this spring.