Wahl Senior #8501 Professional Clippers – Item of the Day — 1 Comment

  1. So I am going to recommend a different model over Jack’s. I too have a Wahl. I love it. It’s the third one I’ve purchased. Bought the first one, loved it. Church later had a fund raiser for a mission in South America. One of the items needed was hair clippers. Knowing how good these are, I got the same for the mission. Then when my wife left me, I bought a third. It is what I use to trim and shave off my beard. In fact, I often just use this to shave and keep the stubbly look going. I also have been giving myself haircuts with this for four years now.

    But I may buy a fourth…this one.

    Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Clipper Kit with Extended Accessories & cape

    And hairs why (sorry bad pun) I think you should get this one instead of the one Jack links too. My only gripe about my Wahl clippers is that it can be hard to find the right length attachment. Trying to find the 3, they’re all black. And if you’re like me and wear glasses. I usually have them off to cut my hair and shave around the sideburns.

    Well it looks like Wahl didn’t want me to have any complaints. They’ve released a model where the accessories are color coded. So if you like to trim to a certain height, no more digging around searching. Just grab the color. So even though I own one of these great devices. I think I’m buying a second so I can just grab “blue”and go.