Forlife Tea Infuser – Item of the Day — 20 Comments

  1. From where do you suggest purchasing your tea ingredients? Or, are you growing and harvesting some of your own now? Thank you.

    • Well there is a reason I linked to every item in the recipe on Amazon, those are all great. Mountain Rose Herbs is another great source. That is about all I use at this point, the stuff I linked to or Mountain Rose.

      • Thank you. I could not see the links at the time I posted the question.

  2. Quick edit Jack, “or reduce the 3-6 ratio down to 1-3” wouldn’t that be 1-2?

  3. I LOVED the video Jack! I grow ALL of those things but have never made tea. Thanks for giving me some direction!

  4. I am kind of blown away that you can make your own tea. That is cool!

    Don’t know what to do first, tea? root beer? I found a lady to buy local eggs from and will go pick up this morning, and I’m working on sourcing local pastured meat and getting started with a freezer. Got our first cast iron pan, a vintage 3-notch #8 Lodge, in the mail yesterday!

  5. I have been using your tea recipe since the first time you mentioned it on the show. I LOVE it! I will use different mints in the blend to slightly change the flavor but using spearmint is my favorite! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  6. If I were to buy 1 lb bags of everything in your mix, do you have a sense of how many cups of tea that makes?

    Sorry if this is an impossible question because I know you said sometimes you reuse earlier batches throughout a day.

    My wife and I buy a lot of various organic tea bags from Amazon each month and I’m just wondering so I can do a comparison. 96 tea bags cost us about $20.

    • All I can say is a lot but keep in mind 6 parts of chamomile and mint, hence they will run out first. What I can say is I did exactly that a pound of each in November and we are not out of the other stuff yet but I have hard to reorder the six part ingredients.

  7. Hi Jack,
    In one of your recent episodes, you mentioned a sleepytime tea that you make that helps you sleep and gives you nice dreams. Have you posted the recipe somewhere? I can’t remember which episode that was or where to find the recipe. Thanks!

  8. Hi Jack,

    Was just curious if you brew in larger portions?  I like to brew to make a gallon at a time, and was wondering how much mix you think it might take. I usually just wrap my mint tea leaves in cheese cloth to steep.

    Thank you for your time

    • I have a 1 litter French Press that is about as much as I make at one time.

      That said in the time it takes for one press to steep the water for the second comes to a boil. So you can make 2-3 liters really fast.

  9. I second the ForLife tea infuser. It has been a great kitchen tool and we use it for a lot more than tea. If it fits in there, we will use it (Elderberry syrup, hot pepper/garlic spray ingredients we use to deter rabbits in the garden etc.)