The Hoover Sprint Quick Vacuum – Item of the Day — 7 Comments

  1. “But one does not simply throw away a 500 dollar vacuum if one has brains…”

    Unfortunately, many in our society do not meet the minimum requirements of the above statement.

    I used to work for a garbage company collecting residential trash. A coworker, over the course of several years, found, kept and re-sold about 10 dysons of various models. Usually they were simply the older model that had been replaced by the latest model. But one had become clogged due to a knitting needle being bent in the tube and creating a place for pet hair to build up. After a half hour with a pair of pliers, he had a fully functional, good as new dyson.

    Moral of the story, make friends with a garbage man and offer to buy any dysons or other great stuff that they find. My co-worker usually resold the dysons for $50-$75.

  2. Dyson’s are over-hyped and over-priced, in general. My own repair guy has a shop full of broken Dysons and says he would never buy one. Says the tech is cool and they work well. While they work. They’re very frail and expensive to repair. He recommends the commercial-grade Orecks. Under $200 and super reliable, and cheap and easy to repair.

  3. Thank you for this review. We’ve been in the market for a good “pet” vacuum as we have a dog and a cat. I showed this review to my wife and she ordered one. Good job.

  4. My needs aren’t exactly the same, but I may just try this. All my vacuuming is above floor. 20+ windows with varying coverings. I do just what the woman in the picture is doing. I need something light enough to hold over my head window after window. Last purchase I did extensive research (focusing on weight of wand) and made the best choice that I could. Complete failure. Lightweight, sure, but the brush on the end of the wand is useless.

    • Full disclosure I have never used the thing that way, I don’t know that Dorothy has either, you may want to post a question on Amazon or read the reviews a bit deeper if that is your primary use. I selected that picture simply because it worked best of the ones they had available.

  5. Just purchased for my mother – her Dyson went south and not worth repairing. Thanks for the recommendation – it’s difficult to know which way to go with vacuums and grateful to have some useful insight from someone who uses regularly (thanks Dorothy!). I, too, have no problem paying for quality – but you don’t always get what you pay for.

    We have the Dyson cordless and it’s been great, but not an ideal design for everyone…my mother’s arthritis prevents her from comfortably using a trigger-switch for any period of time.

    Much appreciated