Novel Three Ball Peen Hammer Set – Item of the Day — 4 Comments

    • Yep love that one for all that it does and it will be the next hammer for this kit build. I find the 2 oz hammer better for most precision and punch work though. Also some folks post negative reviews on your hammer saying the tips back off and get loose. If that happens all one needs is a small amount of Teflon tape on the screws. For the money that hammer is a damn good deal.

  1. I’ve been told that some biker types say that the ball peen hammer is the best legal “club” that you can carry with you.

  2. Greetings Jack,

    I thought I’d share a tip for dealing with loose hammer heads. I work full-time as a self employed metalsmith. What this means for me is that I spend hours every day hitting metal with all sorts of hammers. Of all the dozens of different hammers I have only one that gets regular use has never had it’s head come loose. I’ve come to accept that regardless of hammer quality if they get serious use the head will loosen at some point.

    The easiest, cheapest solution I’ve found for this is super glue. I will get a tube of the regular liquid type super glue, NOT the gel type. Then to put it simply I’ll hose down the loose head while it’s on the handle from the top and bottom. Once it’s dried the hammer should be good to go. On the hammers I use a lot, meaning 10+ hours a week, every week I may need to repeat this every couple years when they work loose again.

    I published a brief little tutorial about this many years ago on my website that has a bit more detail if anyone is interested. (One of the images was lost due to a hard drive issue but all the text is still there, and it’s really only the text that mattered.) Here’s a link to that section of my site: