Etekcity Lasergrip Digital Laser Temperature Gun – Item of the Day — 13 Comments

  1. Got a misfire in your engine? Point it at the exhaust manifold where it meets the cylinder head. Repeat for each cylinder and the cool one is your problem plug/wire. Works great!

  2. hydrolic, electrical, cooling systems, and did i say hydrolic troubleshoting. Has saved me literaly days worth of work on heavy equipment. if you dont have one get one worth its weight in gold.

  3. Todd

    $17, first time I saw one of these they were $100 plus. If you wait long enough the price of some things really come down over time, 20 years maybe. LOL

  4. I use mine all the time. I work in a data center and am constantly taking readings at work…and now I use it at home as well. Love it!

  5. Thanks, I bought one and it arrived today.  I’m not yet sure what “useful” things I will do with it. But, I have already mastered annoying my wife with it by doing things like pointing it at the cat’s butt and saying “88 degrees!”  I can also see my driveway is currently 32, and my interior basement foundation is 45, and 170 for the baseboard heating pipes, etc.  Neat!



  6. It’s great to know when that pan you are preheating is up to temp, or how close you are to a target cooking temp. The area it samples is a cone shape so that the closer you are the smaller the area it is reading.

  7. Ordered it. It should get here tomorrow. Thanks Jack.

    I’ve been wanting to figure out where I’m losing heat in my house but everything I’ve seen costs $500. I was looking at the ones with a fancy screen like they use on Mythbusters. I don’t need something that visual. I just need a number.

    Alex Shrugged



  8. Ordered this exact one yesterday. Wanted one for a while now, but setting up my brooder for a hundred meat birds and I always have trouble with the thermometers I put in my brooder. The chicks bury them, among other things. Thought I would give this a shot and have it for everything I’d like to measure. I remember that Jack generally liked Etekcity so that helped me choose, funny I picked this same one

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