The Black Sharpie Marker – Item of the Day — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Jack not to belittle the ubiquitous sharpie, but have you tried the Bic marker? I LOVE it. The Bic can be left without the cap on for 2 weeks and it will still write and won’t dry out. I’ve been using it for 2 years and in my opinion it’s much better than a sharpie. In fact I did a test between Bic and sharpie when I was marking my bouys for shrimp pots, the Bic made nice, consistent marks whereas the sharpie was inconsistent and left streaks and skipped as it dried out while I was still using it. I highly recommend the Bic and encourage you to try it yourself, you’ll be impressed!


  2. Any marker I use must be weather resistant. All Sharpee markers will fade in our hot southern sun, and won’t last as the ink is not weather resistant. That’s why I only use the “Ear Tag Ink Marker” by Y-Tex. The ink will never fade, and two different size tips are provided, and the pen lasts for years.