1-Foot Extension Power Cables and 4-Way Splitter Cables – Item of the Day — 4 Comments

  1. Here’s another awesome set of short extension cords: (Ziotek ZT1212590 Flat 18-Inch Power Strip Liberator, 5-Pack)

    While they’re almost twice as expensive as the Saxony item above, what I like about this set is that the plug is flat and right-angle, so they’re perfect for going behind bureaus, desks, anywhere where horizontal space is tight.

    They also line up nice and organized on your typical power strip. I’ve ordered at least two bundles of these for my home and office and can’t say enough good things about them.

  2. That’s not a bad idea. Hell I’ve got power cords coming out he wazo. Zip tie to keep them short.

    I use a 4 foot long power strip glued to the back of my desk. 12 outlets with enough spacing in between where nothing gets blocked.

  3. And one other option: ClearMax 3-prong Y-Splitter 1-ft Extension Cable – 16AWG (

    This one gives you 6 plugs for 3 receptacles. Note that splitting the single receptacle into 2 halves the amount of AMPS that can go through the plug. But that SHOULDN’T be an issue for you if you’ve already got it plugged into a power strip/UPS. (For the folks who think 4/6 is bigger than 5/6, that’s because the power strip is already limited in amperage by it’s own breaker and the circuit breaker in the wall receptacle circuit). If you’re using it in an emergency power situation, pay attention to your ampacity.

    Just moved offices and have a beautiful old-school oak desk. The extra foot allows me to have multiple monitors on a desk that was designed before people had monitors.