Bayite Ferrocerium Rods – Item of the Day — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks Jack.

    I previously ordered the flashlight and Gerber dime pliers. I hadn’t realized how much I needed them. They are my everyday carry now… and frankly… they are my ALL THE TIME carry since I’ve been putting them in the pocket of my pajamas as well. I am visually handicapped, so in a blackout I am more than blind. I cannot walk at all. Thus, having a flashlight on hand that is small enough to carry is essential to my safety.

    Given this good experience, I’m ordering the smallest of the Bayite rods and some paracord. One of my daily carry items for travel is welder’s glasses. Do NOT use these for driving. They cut out all red lights… which makes driving a breeze, I suppose, but will cause you to CRASH! I don’t drive. However, for my handicap, these glasses are essential whenever my wife drives me somewhere, especially at night. I am planning to  rig up some paracord and one of these tiny Bayite rods to my sunglasses so that I don’t lose either and I’m sure to carry both around when I go out.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Alex Shrugged