Better Than Bouillon Organic Chicken Base – Item of the Day — 5 Comments

  1. Jack,

    While in restaurant busniess we had access to these “bases” all the time…chicken, beef, vegetable, lobster etc.. WAY befoer the gen. public did.
    Of course makign stock with veggies and bones etc is the preffred method…but this stuff makes really good soup and gravy …everybody should keep in the pantry…

    they do work really well…also, I ma a big fan of this brand of cubes….they stay forever vacum packed and frozen…

    • Used their products 30 years ago as a Sous Chef and have had them in my frig ever since.

      Diced, sauteed onion + Beef base + Sour cream = A great 10 min. onion dip

      Beef base + water = a 1 min. Au Jus for Prime Rib or French Dip Sandwich

      Sauteed sliced onion deglazed with red wine + equal parts beef and chicken base + water = 10 min French Onion Soup just add croutons and melted Swiss.

      Good Stuff.

    • @Kim

      The company says until the expiration date on the jar, of course expiration dates are CYA dates. I’ve kept some past the expiration date and used it with no issues. Anyway new stuff is good for 2 years either unopened or opened in the fridge. Based on what it is, a concentrated salted paste it should last a very long time.