The Gerber EAB Lite – TSP Item of the Day — 13 Comments

  1. I have this knife. It is worth its weight in gold. It is my cutting tool. Saves the blade on my defensive knife.
    Buy this knife. In fact I will get some as extras.

  2. I have this knife and carry it everyday. In a pinch, you can turn the blade around and have a sharp tip. Also, I put the used blades in an old pill bottle. It has a “childproof” cap so blades are secure and no one gets hurt. I keep the bottle with the extra blades. When I fill one bottle, I toss is and start another.

  3. I 2nd the pill bottle suggestion!
    I also now use a small leather holster for my belt since I’ve lost 2 having this on the edge of my pants pocket. I found it in a used bin at a local leather shop.

  4. I own so many of these. I give them as gifts. They’ve saved my knives from box duty. Aside from my Nitecore MT10A, it’s the thing I use the most.

  5. Never would have thought of use as a money clip; thanks Jack. It’s in my work shirt pocket all the time. Just used this morning to cut the top off a jug.

  6. So, I just had a comment about dealing with old blades. I’m diabetic, and as such, I keep a “sharps” container where I put my old needles. I typically use an old lysol wipes can or some such. This is a great place to dump your old razor blades as well. When it gets full, a strip of duct tape across the lid keeps it sealed up well.

  7. Great little utility knife!  I bought three and left them in strategic areas in mt car and around the home. I need to order a couple more and add one to my EDC.