AI is Dangerous That’s Why You Need to Use It – Epi-3305 — 3 Comments

  1. I’m excited to listen to this episode. I just barely started using Github Copilot after some incredulity and I’m loving it. It doesn’t save a ton of time but it does help me become a little more productive. Just tonight I needed to update a setting and it figured it out for me without me needed to “google” it. Probably saved me a half hour right there.

  2. I understand computers and took a graduate level class in computational theory. The idea that machines as we know them can become sentient is impossible without a complete revolution in math but the math that computers are based on has never changed

    I am not worried that I could be brainwashed by machines, maybe others . I think AI could be used to identify people based on their online behavior and categorize them as threats or sources of so called disinfo or machines can be used for spying, policing and making judgements in the legal system which is wrong.

    Bad guys can have nuclear weapons, tanks also which are not what any average person can have

  3. Jack, you need a new example. I just went into ChatGPT and got a happy poem about both Trump and Biden.

    That said – yes; ChatGPT is not “Synthetic” intelligence. Early in grad school I worked on Parallel Distributed Processing models of human cognition. I spend a lot of time telling people AI that you see is not the AI you are worried about. (<= the conjugating verbs thing book was a first text in grad school)

    Types of AI:

    Levels & Types.

    Just for fun, cross levels with types and figure out which one you really need to worry about.