AgriTrue Flyers — 12 Comments

  1. I’m sorry if this isn’t the best place to put this comment, but I’ve been slightly out of the loop lately.
    Agri-True is overall a great idea, but I seem to remember you first saying that each producer could define their own standards; the point was making the information readily available.
    Things like the non-GMO requirement make it slightly different than organic, but really with all of the same problems by revolving around strict definitions.
    Perhaps I’m wrong though and it will work great 🙂

    • Kim – I totally agree with what you said. It is Jacks prerogative to set this up the way he wants though. We all will never agree with everything.

    • @Kim our entire ownership board decided the basic AgriTrue label had to mean something and NO GMO had to be part of that.

  2. I have printed out the flyers and have made a ton of copies at work. I am handing out to as many farmers markets and organic farms I pass here on the east end of Long Island

  3. I am going to pass these out at the local farmer’s markets whenever I get the chance. This idea might just start a revolution.

  4. Agritrue sounds like a good idea particularly given the current labeling of organic food can be really arbitrary and misleading. Once you have the food, let us know if you need containers for storage.

  5. Any logos and/or a QR code we can add to the labeling of our products? I raise pastured pork in Oklahoma and also do some vegetable production (garlic, winter squashes) as well as raw honey. I am already signed up on AgriTrue.


    • When you sign up as a producer you are issued a qr code. I saved mine when I registered. I don’t know where to tell you to go look for it. The code links you to your profile page on the AgriTrue site.

  6. This is great, Jack. The word is spreading!

    AgriTrue was brought up by someone at an OEFFA (Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association) there. I mentioned that we (York Meadow Farm) are registered AgriTrue producers. We immediately hit it off and other people surrounding us became involved in the discussion as they expressed interest.

    Let’s keep spreading the word about AgriTrue. This is something that people are interested in and talking about. We have all promotional material available at our stand during local farmer’s markets as well and provide a small handout when we make change and/or give someone a bag for their goods.

    • That is awesome. For very obvious reasons most of my push had been on PermaEthos recently but we have a plan to really push Agritrue over the rest of the summer.