Episode-2841- The Agorist View of Investing — 1 Comment

  1. Regular ACTION is really the key here, and why I enjoy listening to TSP.

    Evaluate your situation, come up with an action you can take to make it better, then GET ON IT. Repeat.

    On TAXED US Currency…this is something you’re DEPENDENT on as an American unless you have a VERY unusual living situation. And this is where you’re playing in ‘their’ sandbox.

    So, REDUCE your need for it. Use IT to reduce your need for it (podcast has plenty of examples of how) & then STOCKPILE some of it. This is a self-reliance category…”I have x months of US Dollars”.

    Yes, you can convert other categories of money into TAX visible US Currency (metals/crypto) but #winning! is often NOT HAVING TO DO SOMETHING at a particular time. HAVING to sell means having to take the ‘market price’, which is the WORST when things are going south.

    One of the great things about prepping, is that it gives you mental space & TIME to devise & decide on the BEST action to take.

    By getting ‘ahead’ of problems, you move from IMPORTANT-URGENT actions (adrenaline! more caffeine!) to the much better IMPORTANT-NOT URGENT (mosey thru the pasture and decide where to plant those new fruit trees).

    Your brain does NOT work well on a steady diet of adrenaline. So maybe that’s a way to prioritize your actions…what’s causing those adrenaline spikes when you think about it?

    Long…but talking about taking any little time/energy/resource you have to move SOMETHING out of the URGENT-IMPORTANT quadrant. Repeat until you feel a deep sense of calm and seem to have all the time in the world to pursue what you actually care about. =)