MT Knives Add On Class for the TSP Workshop — 3 Comments

  1. I know you are probably extremely busy but if you have time to respond I would really appreciate it. My little girls and are watching your duck chronicles. Anyway we have alot of ducks and chickens and are now want to try quail. Where did you buy your courtix quail? I can’t seem to find a place that sells them. Our second question is where did you get the little gadget that you placed on the scale then put your eggs on to weigh them so they wouldn’t fall off?
    Thank you
    Stephanie Aldrich
    PS love learning from you.

    • Quail are very fragile and don’t ship well like ducks and chicks do so you won’t find many mail order. The best resource I have found is craigslist, since they are easy to hatch and in such demand is highly likely there is someone to get them from almost anywhere. The guy I have is local to me his name is Paul, I even just pay an extra dollar a bird and he broods them to three weeks for me so I don’t have to. Check CL and if you fail there go to your local feed stores and ask, I will bet a dime do a dollar all have a few customers buying game bird starter for their quail.