Survival Books

  • Making the Best of Basics – First released in 1971, the new 11th edition, it is written for a generation even further and more remotely separated from the skills of pioneers of America’s frontiers.

Gardening and Permaculture and Alternative Energy

First Aid and Home Medicine

Survival and Prepper Fiction That We Can Learn From

Politics and Economics

eBooks – These books are all available in soft copy by instant download.

  • Earth4Energy – This is a great product that teaches you exactly how to build several different alternative energy devices for a very low investment.  These include a solar system, a wind system, sources of free batteries and more.
  • 1 Stop Organic Gardening – This site will live a better life by creating a healthy garden (and lifestyle) you will regain energy levels, help restore your immune system and give you and your family the best chance of living long, happy and healthy lives. Plus you’ll be reducing your impact on the environment.
  • The Complete Grape Growing System – This site delivers what it promises!  A complete system that was developed from more than 15 years’ experience in the grape industry and by spending countless hours and allot of money on research to provide all the answers you need to grow exceptional grapes for table, juice, jellies or wine making.
  • –  A collection of cool eBooks on subjects from Home Schooling to Hydroponics to Building Green Houses to keeping Chickens and even more.  This is a great little website with a lot of really cool information.


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  2. Love the podcast and the site. You should add Mark Steyn’s new book After America. One of the most frightening books I’ve read and I’m only a few chapters in.

  3. Hey Jack, I was wondering when the Lights Out audio book would be done? Im suffering from vision problems, so all my prepper books are in audio format.Thnx

    • @Robert, that page is authored by a complete idiot.

      1. He holds the company to account for the actions of assclown affiliates. The product delivers everything the company claims, I KNOW because I actually paid for it myself before I recommended it.

      2. His OPINION about what can be done or can’t be done is presented as fact. Further his opinion is presented in response to a few assclown affiliates as mentioned in item one above, vs. what the actual sales copy for the product claims.

      No it is NOT a scam, you don’t know that because you, and I guarantee you this is the fact, haven’t read the eBook.

  4. And did you manage to build cheap solar panels? I would be very interested. Commercial solar panels (230 Wp) cost about 230 euro (so about 300 dollars) and you have to add a converter which can cost quite a bit of money too (say 800 euro). I adds up to quite a bit of money.

    • @Robert I didn’t do it but absolutely know how to do so now. It really isn’t hard, you get the cells as damaged seconds there are tons of em for next to nothing on eBay. The book tells you how to wire them up and seal them an everything. It also absolutely does tell you how to get cheap and even free batteries. I also tells you how you can get solar panels free. All of these things are slightly damaged but serviceable. Yes the product checks out and if it didn’t it would not be on my site. Notice the assclown claiming it is a scam objects to the sales copy but never actually reviewed the material.

  5. Jack,

    Just finished 77 days in September. It was awesome. Your show is in the resource section in the end. I got it for a small price from amazon. Though you might be interested and know that part of your community has ready it and enjoyed it.

    Thanks for what you do.
    Jason Fraser

  6. Caught you on the Glen Beck show last night. Very interesting.
    We live in southern Colorado and we have found that gardening isn’t as easy here. I wold love any suggestions that folks have on gardening in this area.

    • @Jane Waller, check out our forum specifically the gardening and regional boards that should be helpful. Colorado may be dry but check out what was done in the Dead Sea area with Permaculture in this video. You can really do this stuff anywhere.

      Also if you just search my site for gardening or permaculture you will find tons of episodes on these subjects.

  7. Hi Jack!
    Im a book junkie and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for canning/freezing/dehydrating/long term storage of foods. There are so many books available, but most are not geared towards the prepper mindset. Thanks!

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  9. Jack, what is the name of the book or the author that you worked with to write the real estate sales guide book.  1% or 10% something or other….

  10. Hey Jack,

    Long time fan and avid listener, I was curious if you had any recommendations on learning about animal husbandry such as a book or even a course to take. I have a general sense being brought up on a farm in the south but would like to learn as much as possible. Thanks for all you do!

  11. Can there be a category added for Kitchen books.. fermenting, kitchen techniques, etc.? There have been several good food podcasts recently that I think that would be fitting. I am especially interesting in a good book on kitchen techniques for a fairly experienced home cook.


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