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  1. Fiscal Responsibilities of We The People by Steven James Frasure

    It is We The People, that from the birth of this nation that have been the building blocks and the very foundation of our own government. We The People, elect representatives of ourselves to administer laws that are written and enacted for the betterment of us. We The People are the Government, and we, for a short time, are administers to the writ of law that control this land. Our Founding Fathers gave us The United States Constitution as a rule and guide to preserve and direct this nation while we are the custodians. It is our job to maintain and control all aspects and welfare of this country until it becomes necessary to pass the baton of leadership and control to the next generation of caretakers.

    The President in accordance with his duties and responsibilities has notified We The People of the dangerous financial peril that our country is in. Further more the President has stated that this Country, this once great Nation, now poises on the brink of financial ruin.

    We The People do hereby and hereon give notice that due to the announcement given us from the President do hereby administer the following financial and necessary cuts;
    From this day forward, The President and Vice President, elected by We The People, shall have their salary’s cut to reflect a two (2 ) day work week.
    All other benefits will be terminated at this time. Insurance coverage for the above offices will remain in affect but any extra insurance for other family coverage will have to be paid as out of pocket expenses by the President and Vice President. There shall be no more vacations, out of country travels, parties and or functions held at the White House. Activities that require monies used from We The People are no longer authorized and all expenditures must be stopped.
    All staff hired by the President, Vice President and the rest of the Cabinet and or administrators are hereby terminated. The President, and the rest of the cabinet are not royalty and work for we the people. They, being the President, Vice President and the rest of the cabinet and or administrators are capable of, cooking, cleaning, bathing, dressing and performing the basic functions of life and are hereby notified of such. From this day forward no such function and or aid will be paid by We The People.

    The President himself outlined the need for shared sacrifice and has stated numerous times lately, that we must all share in the burden of what has happened to our country. The President will therefore along with all other parties, do his fair share and take all necessary cuts just as We The People have done.

    All Cabinet members are hereby laid off and shall be called back to work only in the event of an emergency or when said catastrophic peril against this countries financial system is no longer evident. No benefits will be paid for, or to the Cabinet members or administrators.

    The Secret Service that administers protection for the President and or Vice President shall remain on duty to perform all said functions. All necessary precautions shall not be infringed upon but all extra activities outside of the grounds of the White House are hereby terminated and will not be paid for.

    We The People also at this time wish to administer pay cuts to the United State Senate and the House of Representatives to reflect a two (2) day work week. All Czars and Czar post created by past Presidents and the current President are hereby terminated immediately, their service is no longer affordable nor necessary. No unemployment benefits or any other compensation will be paid and it will be necessary for those that held the office of Czar, to return to their civilian jobs.

    All benefits paid to the Senators and House of Representatives are hereby terminated and We The People will no longer provide housing, any and all meals, snacks, drinks of any kind, cars, jets, free taxi rides, chauffeured limousines, exercise equipment, nor the use of exercise facilities or any other non governmental facility. Any and all other functions outside of the government work necessary to be performed by said individuals shall not be allowed and will not be paid for. Any and all permanent and or part time retirement benefits and insurances which have been paid for by We The People are hereby null and void and terminated. Any and all equipment, furniture, houses, cars, airplanes and or anything bought and paid for by We The People is therefore demanded to be returned, sold and monies placed back into the accounts of We The People.

    We The People at this time will not allow military cuts or interventions of pay to any military personal. The use of the military is a necessity to safety and welfare of this country. If therefore you, Mr. President, deem it necessary to state that pay might be withheld from said personal, it becomes the responsibility of We The People, to demand that said military personal be brought back into the boundaries of United States of America. We will not allow you, Mr. President, an elected representative of We The People, to manipulate the monies of those that protect this country. You are hereby notified of our disapproval of such maneuvers and any use of threats of non payment to the military will not be tolerated.

    Mr. President, you have also stated that you might not send social security payments out to those that are entitled because our country does not have the funds to pay those benefits. If, Mr. President that is the case, and there are no monies available to pay any and all Social Security payments. Then you Mr. President and all past Presidents presently living should be charged with theft in office and or embezzlement or some other form of maleficence. That money, labeled as social security, is monies paid by and deducted from pay checks of We The People. Those monies were supposed to have been held in a separate account up to and for said persons that would and could retire and collect what they had paid into said account. It is therefore necessary that you clarify your statements on Social Security payments before We The People, ask for charges to be filed against all persons that have been responsible for the theft of said monies if in fact such a theft has taken place.

    You, Mr. President, Vice President, Cabinet members, all staff members, White House employees, Senators and Representatives are hereby notified and thank you for sharing in this sacrifice.

    • Love it! I have been all but totally ostracized for posting views on FB. Any ideas on how to better get the word out there?

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  4. Hi Jack, I’m a founder member for the Permaethos course and have not found the PETV beta password in my email.Please can you send me when you get the time

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