The Survival Podcast is a daily online audio show about self sufficiency and self reliance in the modern world. I conceived and created this podcast because over the years I have come to realize how fragile the human condition and the United States economy really is.

From June 2008 – December 2009 I recorded the show during my 50 mile commute between Arlington and Frisco Texas. I now run the show as my full time business and record it each morning in my home office.

Some of the very earlyl editions of this Podcast don’t have the best audio quality but I over time I have updated my recording equipment. Recording a podcast while driving on the interstate was a challenge but I have found it both enjoyable and a way to reclaim some of the three hours I loose each day. I decided to give it a try after I found Think Future News a Libertarian minded Podcast hosted by Chris Future (who just plain kicks ass) who also records his show while on the road.

The Guiding Concepts The Survival Podcast are Based On Include

1. Debt is cancer, it is killing our economy and killing the dreams of many Americans. There may be little you can do about the total national debt but you can control your own debt. Do so now!

2. Protecting the environment is a good thing and it should be done. That said climate change is not our most immediate danger. We are not all going to die from global warming, the evidence that carbon is the cause is thin at best. The biggest cause of the green house effect is water vapor, don’t come here looking for activist environmentalism, you will be disappointed.

3. In spite of our view expressed above we are huge supporters of alternative energy such as wind and solar. Primarily because they help to provide more self sufficiency and economic long term stability. The danger of oil is its finite nature and inability to meet long term global demand.

4. Always be frugal, never be “cheap”. One protects your financial position the other always costs you more in the long run.

5. No matter what the sheeple tell you, what you do does matter and you do control your own destiny. Live life to the fullest and understand that you have more control over your life then anyone or anything else.


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  3. Happened upon you on GBTV 5pm. Yearning to participate in any and all ways to save our beloved Republic from disaster as intended by the bastard son-0f-a-Kansas bitch named Stanley Dunham who dumped him on his grandmother, and who deigned to visit her Hawaiian grave, and who committed perjury upon taking the oath of an office he was not eligible to hold, and whose every action, word, and deed in that office has amounted to treason, which in time of war, makes him eligible under the Constitution, to the death penalty. Let us be unafraid to proclaim the truth, as every word above is.

    • @elmer,

      You got upset that your comment didn’t pop up in real time. Well friend we DO NOT do that that way here. We get a lot of spam and a lot of idiots. So I approved the above but deleted your bitching about it not popping up in real time for your own benefit.

      Now let me say this though. Getting rid of Barack Obama isn’t what TSP is about, what we are about is taking personal responsibility in your own life and looking after yourself. I believe about 99% of politicians at the federal level and liars, scum and traitors to the very constitution they swear and oath to. I believe that anyone that thinks a president Newt or Romney will be in any measure an improvement over Obama has been sold a bill of goods by the media and needs to wake up.

      I am a libertarian, I believe in LIBERTY, not in degrees in absolute standing or nothing. I believe in the republic where the right to swing your fist ends only where another’s nose begins. As such any are welcome in our community, even those we disagree with SO LONG as people respect each other and debate the issues not the individual.

  4. I’m a new listener, although not a regular one, because I don’t always have the time. But I’m really interested in all the information you offer. One question I have is, with the focus on survivalism, what do you consider to be the 3 biggest threats to our way of life at the moment?

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  7. I listen to TSP on a regular basis for the last month & I totally appreciate your show, Mr. Spirko. What I appreciate most (besides your honesty) is the various guests who are very knowledgeable in their particular fields. Please continue producing quality shows. Thanks for your service & watch your 6!

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      • Let me add I understand what it does and I want to do it, I just don’t know how. I find tons of stuff on what it is and why it is good, etc, no where can I find a step by step set up guide.

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