A Zombie Show for Halloween — 8 Comments

  1. I love it.

    Contact me about a private message to you for this as some would be senestive and i wish to discuss it first.


    • @Stephen, I have no idea what you mean about a private message as I haven’t received one and don’t know how you think you sent one. However this isn’t something I want to discuss “privately” it is just for fun and it ain’t real you are either in or your not.

  2. Jack I heard the Preferred weapon of the mafia for assassinations was a .22. The reason for this is the .22 has enough power to enter the skull but not exit it which will turn the brain into Swiss cheese. So I think the ideal weapon for a zombie apocalypse would be something like a ruger 10/22 with 30 round mags and a laser sight for fast target acquisition. If one could have sub sonic ammo that would be a bonus for acoustic reasons

    • @Adam, I hope you don’t think you made a submission?

      From the Post

      “To submit emails for use on this show simply send emails to jack at with zombie in the subject line. “

    • I am open to it, what I need then though is

      1. Be in character
      2. The second you finish the call, email me with the number you made the call from so I can use the call id feature to extract the zombie calls from all the vms with out screening 100% of them each day.

  3. If the zombie start eating the Occupy Wall Street protesters, I am worried I will hestiate on shooting the zombies. Are there other areas I should avoid and let the cycle of nature run its course without my interference? Would it be considered an unlawful act of violence to relocate zombies?

  4. Haha. Great idea, Jack.

    Your first two responses (above) were kind of zombie audience members (sorry guys, but you gotta read the instructions). 🙂

    Anyway, this should be a lot of fun. If it is a success, taking it to the next level with a call-in zombie show in 2012 (a true Mercury Theater / Orson Welles type of thing) would be the next step!