A Video You Should Watch and Correction to an Error — 25 Comments

  1. Oil, Oil, Oil. All wars are ultimately resource wars. But what would the U.S gain from removing Assad?. Not sure. Was Kadafi not selling oil for gold, does Iran wish to do the same. I suspect this all has something to do with the U.S losing world currency reserve status.

    • The thing is and most just don’t get this.

      It doesn’t matter who controls the oil in the middle east, they will sell it to the US and the US will buy it. There is some wrangling about the “petrodollar” but that ship is sailing and no bombs or missiles will change it.

      To be clear if ISIS takes everything from Turkey to Egypt they will sell us oil and we will buy it. No one doesn’t sell to their largest customer and for all talk of OPEC, in the end demand and supply drive price. If gas goes up a dollar a gallon it won’t change the world, we know that. The Fed’s solution will be print to compensate.

      Next US energy production is going though the roof! The US will be energy independent soon, but in the smoke and mirror way Romney covered his ass with “North American Energy Independent”. Meaning US, Canada and Mexico combined.

      In other words we are headed for a time soon when we will buy from the sandbox but won’t need to.

      So if we don’t need the oil that much, what do we need, we need a bogey man. So F-it is the attitude, destabilize the entire damn thing, let it burn, see who wins, call them evil and when we need some war for profit there will be plenty of places we can make a case for bombing.

      In the end the plan may be a reset. One thing glossed over in the video is part of the problem is that nations were “created” by outsiders chopping up the middle east and not allowed to form based on traditional borders and cultural affinities.

      The idiots in charge may think now is the time to do that. We won’t “need” their oil for 20 years at least now, but they will sell it to us anyway. Let’s blow the whole shit mess apart, let’s scare the shit out of our people while we do, if a terrorist attack happens or we stop one so much the better to get more things done at home.

      Then once the entire shit mess is blown apart leave citing public opinion for why and see what puts itself back together.

      Are the people running the show that sick? Yes and again, they are flying the plane the way it was designed to be flown.

    • Where I disagree Jack is the Shale oil phenomenon, I think that bubble is set to burst with severe decline rates in the next few years. Shale oil is not like a regular oil field. Ten’s of thousands of wells need to be drilled, and drilling must keep up with the depletion rate. I don’t disagree there is a shit load of it, but that shit load will fall off faster than a conventional field. It has not the same EROEI as a traditional well.

      • You can believe what you want, what is, is. Belief doesn’t change the great IS. Again though IT DOESN’T MATTER. We buy a shit ton of Oil from Iran, think about that. We bought Oil from Iraq while we were bombing it.

        • @Max, My understanding Max is that shale gas is less abundant and has a higher extraction cost. In New Brunswick, the Fredrick Brook shale; estimates are 80 TCF in place, not sure what the recovery rate is. But to get back on track on Oil and Gas, Jack is correct, they will sell it to us regardless but my disagreement is that it will end quicker than we think. Based on what I was reading on the Drudge Report and, the depletion rates are 50% in the first two years and that the article in the Drudge report quoted a former BP executive as saying severe declines will show up by 2016 and then it’s game over.

        • So I see this playing out as follows:
          The shale oil and gas boom peak by 2017, China consumes excess global supply and by then the U.S dollar will be so weak, no one will sell them oil for U.S dollars. Which brings us back to why the U.S is attacking on all fronts. They need oil producing countries to sell them oil for U.S dollars; they need the U.S dollar to stay as the petro dollar.

      • Brent I live in the middle of the shale area, south of Youngstown Ohio, Columbiana County, and there are hundreds of wells that have been drilled and capped, for now. The oil & gas companies are building an infrastructure to sustain production and maximize profits. Now in our county people have been getting up to $6,000 per acre to sign with, Chesapeake and royalties once production starts. The companies might be waiting for prices to go up before full scale production begins. Let me put on my tinfoil hat on for a minute. With all these economic sanctions on Russia, Europe’s main source of natural gas, how will they get the gas they need? We don’t have the infrastructure to provide it all. So given that and the fact that a large chuck of product is unavailable for sale, what do you think will happen to the price of natural gas? I bet the wells that I spoke of earlier will be uncapped and put into full production.

  2. Jack,

    You sure have a good perspective and an excelland way of delivering it. I’ll admit, I’m a fan. I spent several bored weeks in Garland, TX last year and sure wish I’d tried to get an invitation to come visit you at your new “homestead” We’re more alike then I thought and the more I listen the more I realize we’d have a good time visiting…maybe I could have smoked us some tasty
    I loved the original concept for Permo-Ethos…still pretty excited for what it has evolved into. The upcomming open house sounds like something that should not be missed. I always thought I was a good public speaker with a good grasp on reality, but you make make this shit look easy Brother…. wish I had your energy. Best, jb…

  3. Kadafi, Hussein, Bin Laden, there’s a long list of patsies… guys that really should have sat down and took a few classes in geopolitics. Today’s helpful puppets are tomorrow’s dangerous dictators.

    Notice how much money and well trained crazies come from Saudi Arabia? Notice the one country in the middle east (Israel not withstanding) that we don’t mess with? Saudi Arabia. Why? Oil, money, and political ties between the Saud royal family and Washington D.C. These endless religious fights and micro-wars are meant to destabilize the region and set it up for a scenario builder… either the embryonic creation of a middle eastern union similar to the EU, or a hotbed dead zone of Muslim kill-crazies who could possibly kick off World War III. Either way, mo money mo money… lots of problem-reaction-solution. Pavlovian dog training for the 21st century.

  4. I think they wanted to keep that oil in the ground … if there was an oil glut it would be 20 a barrel this keeps the price high.. also water can now be piped west for a country that is water desperate… so Iraq needs to be controlled…

  5. My vote all along has been to let Iran fight ISIS/ISIL. Until the Turks or the Saudis get directly involved, it’s not our problem.

    I will pick a few nits with the video. We’re quick to assume our own government is lying to us, but then take the comments made by the fighter in the video as truth? The beheading videos should tell you these people understand propaganda. Why wouldn’t they lie to further their own agenda?

    Second, the video draws a direct line between Al Nusrah Front and ISIS/ISIL but fails to mention that Al Qaeda disavowed ISIS/ISIL some time ago and backs Al Nusrah as its chosen “franchisee” in the region.
    (Source –

    It’s not a simple situation and our best course of action, especially now that we’ve taken retribution for the beheadings, is to back out and let the Sunnis and Shites have their war.

  6. Can you have someone add the correct edited math in audio, on the podcast? We don’t want people running on bad math, on a concept that many are trying to grasp. I know the community has people with the skills. Lets error correct the “fixes” in the still downloadable content. At least on stuff that helps us move forward. I am trying to “click” the news off as posted ion the sept 9th

    I am looking on ways to add LONG TERM food forest to my direct property and surrounding land. The city has turned a bind eye to my gorilla seeding. They have even allowed me to put up a fenced garden in an urban area, as long as I mow the area around the land and sidewalk, making it look like I own it.