A Self Serving Way I Can Help You Promote Your Business with the TSP Barter Blanket — 13 Comments

    • Nick my man as always I am up for a trade.

      I also am happy to say, if you do not come, you will never see what really goes on.
      Some great stories come out about some of the items. Some times it about the story that people want.

      I have a Hand Made TSP Silver Round Key Clip for my Dad Made by a Man Named Triple Kocurek. There are only so many round ever made, and even fewer are the key chains. I would make that trade every time.

      Jack’s end of the year event is one that I hope to be able to come to every year. It powers me to start my new year strong after a good winters break.

  1. Jack, perhaps for the MSB what about a TSP/Jack approved Ant logoed ‘Barter Blanket” perhaps for sale at

    The scope and rules of the barterblanket could be inculded.

  2. When I was stationed in Germany in the early 80s, the barter system there was called “SCHWARTZ ARBEIT” (I think I spelled that right), or Black Work. It was so called because it was done in the blak of night when the “tax man” wasn’t looking. I knew an electrician,carpenter and even a dentist that were very active in the system.