A Revolution is Brewing — 5 Comments

  1. Very nice design. Would be great if I could wear this with that killer coffee mug. When in the world is it going to be sold again? I’ve been wanting to order one for a really long time. I even had one on order, but someone cancelled it on me and refunded the money back. Its still listed as out of stock.

    • Mahiitsoh – The supplier for the French Press Mug has jacked up the imprinting cost for the original artwork. And since this is a heavy item compared to a t-shirt, the cost of shipping is considerably more. If we are going to run these again, we will need to sell them for about $40. That seems a bit more than people will want to pay. What are your thoughts about the $40 price point?

  2. First off, thanks for the response man! Secondly, for the quality of the item Jack has spoken about, and my overall incessant quest for the dang thing, I think a $5 increase isn’t so bad. I will be one of the first in line even at that price point. Ah, just blame it on government devaluation. Economics in action! Seriously though, can’t sell coffee related items without a mug! That’s like naming a place Klamath Falls without any falls, (Local humor). Keep up the great work!