A Note from Geoff Lawton’s Web Team about Credit Card Payments on the new PDC — 23 Comments

  1. My Visa payment went through with no problem, but within 15 minutes I got a call from my credit card company to verify the charges. It’s the foreign recipient that is raising red flags for everyone. I was pretty impressed with my card company for being on top of things.

    • Same here – I paid with my Visa debit card and got the call from my bank. It was automated, I pushed the required buttons and no problem. Yeah, it’s nice they flag stuff like that, eh?

  2. My payment using a debit card was initially declined, and then I received an automated call from my bank. I indicated the charge was valid and then called them. Found out the bank’s system put a temporary hold on the card, and once I ok’d the charge, the hold was removed. Tried the payment again with customer service rep on the phone and it went through. Very impressed with my bank’s anti-fraud system.

  3. Jack – One very important clarification is needed before I sign up and your email inbox is full. Is the shipping charges for the DVDs included in the price? Shipping from Australia is very expensive and I don’t want to find out after I pay that I have to pay extra to get my material that I paid for with the registration fee. Thanks.

  4. I used Paypal, everything went great. I know that wasn’t an issue, but after just spending a good chunk of change I had to make some public statement before I went into my room and huddled in the fetal position for a few hours!

  5. I can’t tell you how unhappy I am about the hypocrisy Geoff Lawton has shown. He’s priced this out of reach for 99.99% of humans on the planet. So much for sharing the abundance, and solving the worlds problems. Weeks of run up and hours of videos saying how he will be imparting great knowledge… then $1k for the price. What crap!!!

    • Really where do you get off? How about you put the time, money and energy into something the way Geoff has and do it all for free? What crap indeed! Also stop listening to the hippy contingent, the third ethic is and always was RETURN OF SURPLUS not share it, not distribute it, RETURN IT. That means to invest it to the end of the first two, generally back into the same system that created it.

      I guess Ford should price the Edge at say what 55 bucks so everyone can afford it? May be electric companies should generate at a loss to keep the power on for people that don’t pay their bills? We talk about the entitlement attitude a lot around here, people say it is our kids but it isn’t just our kids folks you just say it above!

    • @GoatHollow –

      hypocrisy – a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not..

      I really don’t think that applies to Geoff Lawton.

      I understand that some people who really want to take this course, but can’t afford it right now, are upset. But that’s hardly Geoff’s fault.

      If you read through the included products, and figure in the time and effort that are going to be, and have been, expended by Geoff and his staff.. I think you’ll realize that what’s being offered is a premium product, at a VERY fair price.

      In fact, and this may sound odd.. I’m glad the price is what it is. Because I believe Geoff will deliver MORE VALUE than what I’m paying for. I’m looking for the premium experience, and I actually would have been LESS interested in a $299. course.

    • I’m very happy that it costs a non-trivial amount of money. It will help make sure that the people who sign up are serious and that the resulting certificate actually means something.

      Also the more money that is moving under permaculture activities the more it will go mainstream and the easier it will be to make a living doing permaculture activities. Paying for this course helps spread permaculture here in the US and other wealthy nations while allowing Geoff to use the funds to spread it else where.

    • Im far from rich, and have to watch my money closely but this decision was easy (a bit financially painful though) to make. Ive been eaten to the bones by the envy bug for those people who are able to travel to Australia for the class being taught by the Permaculture Master. This will be a close alternative. Im excited. Waiting for the CD’s to arrive.

    • @ goathollow, I’m really sorry to see your reaction, especially since I am also a fan of what you have created over at Prepper Broadcasting Network.

      Have you seen the cost charged per credit hour at any university lately? Have you seen the quality of the Lawton’s DVD’s and books? I have, I purchased them directly from the Permaculture Institute a little over a year ago. I think the shipping I paid for the DVDs and books from Australia, was over $75.

      I am hoping this is mostly a knee jerk reaction as it is clear that Lawton reinvests over and over again into what has become his life’s mission. I can understand attacking “Johnny Come Lately” types who want to charge exorbitant prices for a curriculum they did not develop, but not in attacking one of the World’s top foremost experts for actually being paid less than his information and lifetime experience are worth.

  6. My initial use of a credit card through Paypal was declined. Once I signed into my account and used the credit card attached to the Paypal account, it worked like a charm

  7. Paypal failed to work for me and didn’t provide a super specific error either.

    Then tried to use my AmEx card on Geoff’s site directly and that didn’t work either. Apparently they can’t or won’t accept AmEx directly and I’m guessing that this is why Paypal failed as well (because only my AmEx card is associated with my Paypal account).

    Switched to Mastercard and it worked fine — but I immediately got a text message from my bank to confirm that the charges weren’t fraudulent and even got multiple phone calls from AmEx about potential fraudulent charges when no charge even went through with them.

    So, overall a very messy process, but it got done in the end.

  8. Bought the course yesterday through paypal, worked great and I got the Paypal receipt but have yet to get a ‘welcome’ email from Geoff. Any idea how long that usually takes, seems like it should be instant.

    Can’t wait for this to start! So excited to take things to the next level.
    If there is any one in Indianapolis or central Indiana that is taking the course PM me and we will get together to discuss it, i’m also thinking about starting a podcast about what I learn and it would be great to have some Co-hosts!

    • Man look Geoff’s site has a support link, etc. use that. I would guess you should have gotten it at once. Likely your isp filtered it. Folks you guys really need to use the stellar support Geoff put in place for stuff like this.

      • I did check my spam folder,nothing there.
        I did get the welcome email yesterday afternoon, about 24 hrs after signing up for the course, and a few hours after submitting a service request – I havent gotten a response to the service request so I don’t know if I got the welcome email because of the service request or not. Either way I’m a happy camper!
        Thanks Jack for setting this all up and giving away your well earned commission !!

  9. Out of all the tech things i did today… signing up for this course was the only one that went right. 🙂

  10. I have already paid and am enrolled in the PDC. Just tonight I saw that there is a big discount for MSB members. I am one. Is there any way to still get the discount? I think I might be hoping against hope here.

    • Um no I did all I could to explain this in advance. Multiple posts, multiple notifications in podcasts, etc.

      • I have missed the podcast over the last few weeks, missed the instructions. No worries. Thanks for the quick reply.