Episode-1102- Thoughts and Consideration with a Move to a New State — 11 Comments

  1. We kinda did the opposite. Almost 10 years ago, we moved from Illinois to North Carolina. There was not much research done. I was young and pretty stupid, so I didn’t care much about liberty.

    I can tell you that I will most likely never move from NC. Is it the most free place? I doubt it, but it is pretty dang good. Plus moving is awful.

    It is interesting to talk to friends back in IL. They don’t really see how bad it is. They are totally living in the Matrix…

  2. For many reasons we will be staying in TX. My husband and I are looking in some more remote areas in north TX with less restrictions on what you can and can not do on your own land. We except that there will be a commute but that is life in TX.

    Being able to live off the land and shot a gun when we choose is important.

    But finding the right piece on land has been a long term project. After we settle we will have some of our friends following so we can help each other through the tough times. Less government is our motto. We need to stick together and choose the right political battles. As the masses we will be heard.

  3. Canadian Perspective:
    I live in Prince Edward Island, on the east coast. The economy is depressed here, but land is cheap and I have not had a mortgage since 2004. I live on a seasonal road (read mud, six weeks of the year). I live on four acres, have multiple raised beds and as Jack can attest, I can grow nice Jalapenos. From a taxation point of view, we are heavily taxed in this province, with a combined Federal and provincial rate of 39%. But the option of moving and assuming a mortgage at 50 years of age is not an option for me. I moved from Ontario/Ottawa in 1997 to come out here and was back there in March. A single family home on a postage size lot is over 400k. Even land outside of the city (20 miles), is still to expensive. So in a nutshell, I live in a 1100 sq foot log cabin on four acres, and here is where I will stay. My living expenses are about $1400 a month (no car payment)

  4. I just bought 10acres in the UP of Michigan for $24K half field half woods. My father just offered 22 acres old farm with some equipment, liveable. 100K. This will be alot better than Long Island, NY. I am worried about that big mushroom cloud over the city, driffing over me, with no way out! When that last storm hit I plugged the eccentials into the camper and lived OK for 5 days even heat! I offered an extention cord to a neighbor when ever I ran the generator . He did not plug in his freezer! And did not tell me when gas was availiable. O well, I won’t be here for him the next time.

  5. Very good points that are helping me to get it straight in my head on what to do. YES living here because of situations one after another after another. For so many years wanted to move to another area that was still close to hubby’s job. It never clicked and we have stayed put. So very glad we didn’t move to some of the places we had thought about. The taxes are higher the rules tougher and the expansion of so many people is crazy. Boy has it grown here. Will keep looking but really don’t think at this stage of the game that needle is out there. By the time we can really seriously think about moving far far away cross country our age will play a huge factor in that. Still I would be looking else where for what we have here. What we have is ideal for us and our way of life even with it’s problems.

  6. “Better schools for what?”

    A great question. I’m so sick of hearing people use this as an unqualified blanket response for why someplace is better.

    thanks for touching on this Jack.


  7. For an unimportant side note… I just realized that Walking To Freedom’s abbreviation is “WTF” as in, “WTF! I live in New York! I’ve got to WTF!”

    Now I just wonder if that might have been intentional.

    Stupid, I know. 🙂

  8. Jack, allergies: Maybe it’s your diet? Jacksonville, FL native here. When I was a kid I had terrible hay fever reactions but as an adult since I’ve cleaned up my diet to organic (no additives) dairy-free paleo I still react but not anywhere nearly as severely. First time I’ve ever heard of anyone reversing their allergies. But Jack, your diet is about the same as mine so I dunno.

  9. Thanks for mentioning my home town of ft. Myers. Moved back here after getting out of the corps and while its not perfect its better than allot of other places and i can grow food almost all year long.