A Look At The Flexability of a Steven Harris Mobile Battery Bank — 7 Comments

  1. My fat finger “disliked”. I bought the videos, worth every penny! I also used it to setup my off grid shower. Plus, Steve will answer your questions by email.

  2. Tony I am with you man. saved my butt from a well that froze over and need to meat snow for water to put in the toilet for my woman….worth every dime.

    • You know this might be really interesting as a way to do a Harris style system inside a car.

      With the light weight you wouldn’t have to worry about the effects of a flying battery in a crash, and mounting would be significantly easier.

      • How do these compare for energy density? I hope to be wrong, but I kinda doubt capacitors are going to touch lead acid energy storage for the same size.

  3. I would love to build a battery bank for my Toyota Sequoia. Is there anyone out there that has done this in a SUV?

  4. oddly enough I will be in the Richardson area for something else. Been transcribing these Battery Shows. Check out the TSP forums for the transcripts.

    Kind of bums me that I can’t afford it and couldn’t make it for all three days. Would like to at least meet Steve.