Episode-104- A look around the nation and the world — 4 Comments

  1. Can I make a suggestion on the new layout – move the show notes to the middle of the page and the tshirt, calendar, etc to the left.

  2. Unfortunately I think the average American is way too clueless about what is going on in this country (quite frankly they don’t really care) to get riled up enough to do something about it.

  3. Another great podcast! Thank you.

    Living in a small town, I believe I don’t have to worry about any of the troops coming here. But, I still don’t like the idea of them being deployed here – unless it was at the borders, keeping the illegal aliens out. (Or even transporting them -those already here – to the border.)

    I wish we, here in IL, had an alderman (or a whole slew of them) like Charles Quincy Troupe.
    He was right. We do need to take responsibility for our own security (self defence).

    Some may not know that The Supreme Court of the United States had determined that the police “have no duty to protect the citizens”, so, if called, they COULD refuse to respond if they chose to. (In most cases, I doubt that that would be the case, tho.) And they could not be sued if their failure to “serve and protect” the public. Thanks SCOTUS!
    So, essentially, we can’t depend on anyone but ourselves for our safety and well being.

    Thank you for your time and efforts in providing information and discussion via your podcasts and forum. I know that I have learned a lot from both and try to pass it on to others.

    We WILL survive, but it’s going to be a rough ride!