A Limited Number of Lifetime Memberships Available — 7 Comments

    • It doesn’t, but the price is $300. He mentioned the price last episode. Same price I paid!

    • Right in the first paragraph. it says Lifetime Membership $300.00

      We only do this about 3-4 times a year, this is our first time in 2014. I am opening the MSB Lifetime Membership program and doing it extremely limited number of people this time. Lifetime Membership is 300 dollars and covers your MSB membership for just that, life.

    • For people that don’t have bitcoin and want to use it, it may likely take some time to move 300 bucks into your account. This is only a problem the FIRST time around. If you want to pay with bitcoin and contact me directly and promise to pay as soon as your account is funded I will honor my promise beyond the Friday deadline. Coinbase is likely the easiest solution.

      The problem lies in verification of your bank account, there are two methods, on is fast and the other takes a few days. In my case I have to use the few days method because my bank doesn’t permit the fast one.