Episode-17- A Libertarian View of our Current Government and Economy — 2 Comments

  1. A great and seriously thought provoking podcast today. You did get me annoyed (not at you) at the state of the governments I live with in my city, province and federally here in Canada and for that, thank you. Even with my existing political leanings, I haven’t stuck with one party or other (provincially we have 4 viable parties with a 5th that pokes its head up every election and gets some votes; federally, there are 4 officially recognized parties (including one separatist party (championing the case for the province of Quebec)); I’ve voted about half the time for the incumbent in the riding I live in; but then just as often, I’ve voted for the other person because I believe in and agree with what they have done compared to the incumbent in question.
    I like how you spoke on the US Constitution, in it’s original form and use, it was a beacon for the world and provides freedoms to people that were not common (even to this day); sadly, as you elude to, amendments and “power” creep has changed the ability within how it is actually exercised, so that now, the President is almost (though not totally) above the law. This is a very scary state for not only Americans to be in; but by extension (and in real practice) the world (extraordinary renditions of foreign nationals within due process).

    On a separate note, the Canadian date for when we stop paying the various governments tax and start earning for ourselves was July 14, 2008 (apparently 4 days sooner than in 2007); though this is nice and though I feel that there should be social safety nets in place, I don’t believe we can get away from all taxes (as you noted in the podcast, some form maybe necessary (like sales taxes on voluntarily purchasable items (ie. books, cars, etc.).
    Sadly, the payment of property as well as income taxes only feed the “spoiled brat” (as you called the government) more “cookies” so it can further abuse us (and far too many of us just take it, either because we don’t know better or have been cowed into submission).

    Thanks again for the thought provoking podcast.

  2. Another great comment. On taxation could we 100% kill them all? Probably not and definitely not over night. I am actually open to some taxes and yes sales tax on NEW GOODS one time at the point of sale is the way to do that.

    Perhaps a cap at the Fed and State levels some where that combined keeps them south of 15 points? Then I have choices I can buy used, I can not buy or I can “make my own”.

    This would be an apportioned tax and legal under the US Constitution. The income tax on individual income as it stands is actually unconstitutional and therefore illegal under US law. That doesn’t hold up in today’s courtroom but there are TWO Supreme Court decisions from the 20s that ruled individual income tax unconstitutional. Of course they have just been ignored and if you don’t pay they will come get you so the guys selling ways to use this fact in practice are liars.

    Now this is something to think about. Ron Paul stated that if we took spending back to 2001 levels we could end the income tax on individuals over night with out cutting anything else. I think most people no longer want personal responsibility and do want government to solve our problems or Ron would be our next president.

    Well, next week I am going to talk about FAS 157, just wait till you see what our government has done, “to help us”, now.