Why the Future for Gens Z & Alpha Scares Me – Epi-3510 — 6 Comments

  1. I thought AI and all was supposed to make life easier for everyone ? I thought we were all going to become more productive by using AI, so then everyone is just going to produce more ?

    I get it though, I have tended to be a very negative thinker myself but I try to find reasons to not be negative. For the past few years since Biden has been in office I have been listening to podcasts about saints and church history because a lot of other stuff like news/conspiracy is too dark. I do still listen to that stuff but I cut back quite a bit

    Tech youtubers are saying that the interest rates are effecting companies and with the high debt then it makes sense that it may stay that way

  2. If you want to know what they are going to do about the debt, they are going to do the same thing they did the last time they went bankrupt. They are going to steal the money from the public to pay the debt. The debt is not the governments debt, it is the citizens debt.
    In the next economic collapse, they will simply foreclose on all assets with debt attached that people cannot pay. They will then pool the assets and sell them off the same way they did during the 2008 housing crisis. They will also do some sort of bail in where they confiscate a certain amount of bank and brokerage accounts. Read the “Great Taking”

  3. I think part of that laziness of the gen z and millennials out there is a collective sense of doom. They might not be educating themselves on the whys and hows, but the bleed-over of cynicism and darkness that their parents and grandfathers are experiencing is filtering down to them. If things are as bad as people say they are, what’s the purpose of having purpose? If the machine is broken and unfix-able, why spend the time and energy trying to make it work again? I’m not necessarily asking these questions, but the children of the west certainly are.

    Add to that the intentional dumbing down of youth and a solidification of State power, you have a recipe for a legit 1984/Brave New World type of scenario. We take down statues not to hide the guilt of the past, but to remove knowledge of it altogether. If gen z kids don’t have a past, and the future is so dark that it becomes impossible to imagine, what else is there but an eternal present filled with endless distractions. Besides, as the kids say, AI will fix all my typos. We’re rending ourselves incompetent, unintelligent, and sooner or later, incapable of free action or thought.

    But holy God in heaven do I hope I’m wrong.

    • Yea, a lot of my thoughts .. it can be so bad that you loose the incentive to work. At least if you realize the scam and propaganda we have been sold on then you know something of value.

  4. Jack,

    I agree with you that a work ethic is necessary.

    I just want to leave this caveat here: “be careful who you are doing hard work for; if you don’t, you will be exhausted with nothing to show for it.”

    “Quiet working” is a reaction to it.

    However, the better solution is to be hard-working for the right vetted people.

    Looking forward to the lazy people being pushed out of the market

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