A Great Deal for Those that Know They are Not Buying the Box — 18 Comments

  1. Wonder how that would look on my Kia?!? 🙂

    I think I’ll buy a truck to attach to this cool tool rack!

    Great deal you got for the Ants, Jack!

    • Yeah, trust me no matter how big a print or how many times you tell people-there is always “that guy”. Sometimes lots of “those guys”.

  2. Just ordered me one. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but I’ll figure it out!

  3. Man what’s shaking! Thanks Jack and Tim for getting us this deal. These racks look fantastic! Yet another cool perk of being in the TSP.

    • LOL made my day because I know this is win – win – win.

      I win, I get credit for bringing folks a good deal and I got a good deal too! I bought two for my own use.

      Tim wins, that merch has been moved fast, it isn’t sitting and collecting dust. In sold and gone fast.

      The listeners win, great deal, big time GREAT DEAL on a product you can leave to your grand kids!

      This is everything that TSP our sponsors and MSB are really all about.

  4. Sucks for the delivery guy but his pile just got one unit bigger when the order I just placed gets added to the pile. Nice addition for my trailer 🙂

    Great deal. Thanks Jack…


  5. I do have a quick question on the pick/mattock I see pictured here. It is removed from its handle, OK. But how do you get it to tightly be secured on site or in a pinch? What am I missing? Does it afix from the “bottom up” so to speak an the top of the handle is too big for the head of the pick to slide off?


      • THANK YOU! Appreciate you taking the time to answer in a video. Your right, it is easier that typing it out. That is what I was thinking, going on from the bottom, and the top of the handle is too large to let it come off. Force of the swing keeps it all together. Definitely what I will look for. Can’t wait to get my racks. I got one for myself, and a couple others for gifts.